10 Amazing Minecraft Nether Base Ideas

It does not matter which Minecraft player you are; Going to the Netherlands is inevitable. You will need Blaze Rods to complete the game and Nether Ward To make the best drinks. And who can forget about the ancient ruins hidden underground?

However, this crimson world is dangerous and full of enemy mobs! Because of that, you need to build a base that will protect you from outside danger.

So in this blog post, you will find 10 amazing Nether Base Ideas that you can build in your survival world. Every player has something. So without further ado, let’s get into that.

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Starting with our Nether Base Ideas list is the basis on which you can build your first day in the Netherlands. The base is made inside a basalt delta cliff with a stunning circular window.

Beverage preparation, storage – you have space for everything! You will also find some space for an automated food source. Overall a great base to start your journey.

But what if you were born in the Crimson Forest instead of a basalt delta biome? Then you can use the resources around the forest and build a red house to store your valuables. The design is very simple and does not require much materials.

The overall build is 9 × 10 and has enough room for all your needs like storage, crafting and ladystone.

Additional tip: The tutorial will tell you how to use traditional lanterns. Instead, I highly recommend you find some spirit clay and use spirit lanterns instead. That way, you keep annoying hoglins and piglets away from your home. If you can not find spirit clay, try to use warped fungus.

Didn’t get into the construction of the house? Well, why not try this amazing Crimson Forest structure? Unlike the usual home route, this base has a more fantasy vibe. It reminds me of a Japanese temple, so if you like it, building it might be for you.

Although it looks narrow and small, it has everything you need. There is a place for storage, brewing stands, response anchor and crafting. What makes it even more impressive than the others, however, is that a Nether portal was built inside the building.

However, be warned as this base has a more open-air design, so beware of ghosts

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If you’re the lucky one born in the Warped Forest Biome, I have a tutorial for you. It is a bit larger than the last house, but has enough space for everything you need.

In addition to your storage, crafting and response anchor, you will also have space for other items such as ladystone, multiple brewing stands and the Netherwort. Farm. So if you are looking to build a single base, this should be your choice.

Similar to the Crimson Forest Base, I found another iteration of the Warped Forest Base. Since this base is more popular than the last one, you will need to gather more resources. But it’s all worth it.

Like the fantasy version of the Crimson Forest Base, it has the same Japanese temple look, slightly larger. You will have space for everything there: storage room, response anchor, crafting and even a wonderful place for your Nether portal.

Blackstone is one of my favorite blocks added in Minecraft 1.16. Because it not only looks beautiful, it can be used for many structures.

And if you’re enjoying Blackstone as much as I do, why not try this Nether base? It has space for everything you want. You may also have plenty of storage, lots of furnaces and a brewing stand.

So if you have a lot of blackstone, I highly suggest you build it!

Additional tip: You can even use deepslate blocks to add extra detail to your builds! Find other beautiful looking blocks in Minecraft here.

These starter bases are great, but they’re not really something to show off to your friends. In many ways, these are just starter houses but with different materials.

If it’s you, and you really want to impress your friends, why not try one of these Nether Base Ideas. With it, you can create a nether base under a fiery lava lake. The base has everything you need. These include storage, response anchor and crafting table. It also includes a pen for your striders.

So if you want to make this base, check out the tutorial and make sure you have more sand and gravel.

Will the warped starter base become a little narrower for your needs? Well, why not build so impressive on the film. This massive 27 × 19 base has everything you need for your mega base!

Once built, you can store whatever you want. For example, in the video tutorial, the person created multiple storage rooms, beverage storage areas, various furnaces and even a place to mesmerize your netherite gear.

So if you want to build something exciting, this is the Nether Base Idea you are looking for.

Soul Sand Valley is a fantastic place to build an evil cave. So why not create something like these hanging Nether bases there.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build these circular nether bases. They may be small, but what makes them great is that you can create many of them and connect them with bridges. That way, you can make separate rooms for each use.

If you do not want to waste time building the exterior, the best way to build your Nether base is underground. With a few TNT explosions, you can make yourself a small nether cave that you can use to fill your base with essential items.

If you get inspired and follow this Nether Base Ideas video, you will be able to build a massive foundation with everything you need for your survival. For example, you will find an enormous storage room, the Nether Portal, a place for thawing, brewing and more. You also have room for a Hoglyn pen.

Thanks for coming to the end of this article, I want to share this design with you. Technically, it’s not the Nether base, because it’s just a decorated Nether portal, but I could not help myself without sharing it. This is a very creatively designed portal that looks like a knife.

In Overworld, you will see the bottom of the handle and blade. But when you step inside, you will find the tip of a sword. It looks like a sword piercing the earth and reaching down. Really incredible design!

The end

And these are the 10 best Nether base ideas! I hope you found something that inspired you to build your survival world. Do you know of any other Cool Nether base designs? If so, do not be afraid to link them in the comments! I want to check them out!

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