10 Amazing Minecraft Treehouse Ideas

Minecraft is the perfect playground to test any architectural idea you may have whether you decide to use Creative Mode or try to achieve it in Survival or Hard Mode. However, sometimes it is better to go back to the basics. Considering how wood is one of the most common resources you can find in the overworld (after stone, of course!), Why not have a beautiful home using the whole tree? That’s why we have ten best Minecraft Treehouse ideas to help you get the most out of this vital resource. It’s a childhood dream base, and you can have it in your Minecraft world today!

Cottage‌core Beauty impresses everyone in the Minecraft community, creating endless architectural ideas to turn your world into a perfect fairytale fantasy. If you want to have one of the best Minecraft treehouse ideas as your main base, you can get some inspiration from the following video tutorial by LubovLC. This is a huge project set up next to the beach, which is covered with vines, leaves and lanterns, using wild trees as the foundation for the platforms and stairs. The video also shows how to build a fantastic bridge to connect your base to the mainland.

If you want to solve this impressive project in Survival, do not forget to gather all the resources before starting – you should not become a block when building the top areas!

If you are a fan of modern Minecraft homes, we have the perfect reference for your next base. The following video tutorial by 6tenstudio uses classic white concrete along with wood. These materials help a lot in creating a minimalistic and contemporary feel with wide windows and intelligent black placement. The most remarkable thing about this Minecraft Treehouse idea is the functional elevator that transports you at the press of a button! If you do not want to revolve around redstone contraptions, you can skip the video anytime to see how the rest of the treehouse is designed.

The good thing about Minecraft Tree Houses is that you can get a natural look with the basic blocks you can find in the tree. There are some logs, tiles and leaves, and the materials you need to create something special. The following video tutorial by TheMythicalSausage demonstrates how to build a starter treehouse base which is a complete dark oak with some spruce details. You can access the interior with a classic entrance in the middle to reach the upper area. It is the perfect place to escape from your predators and enemy groups during the night. We love how it uses the fences to mimic the tree branches and smoking chimney details around the entire treetop!

Next, you can always cheat a little to create the right tree to set up your Minecraft treehouse, right? The following video tutorial by Typface features a unique structure with a main area built with a sweet combination of spruce, darkwood and oak blocks to create a stunning treehouse. The trick is to use slabs, trap doors and stairs to make your home look more dynamic and natural when you place leaves and other small details. The great thing about these types of Minecraft house designs is that you get plenty of room to customize it the way you like it!

Jungle Biome is the perfect place to set up one of the best Minecraft treehouse designs, especially if you want to expand your base to other trees nearby. The following video tutorial by Dan 4 Lex combines a variety of wood and stone blocks to build a beautiful home with a jungle tree. You may have more than enough space to store your belongings and extend your base vertically or horizontally. Plus, the view from above is priceless!

The following video tutorial by Blue Bits includes a small farm, bedroom and workspace and enough space for some storage. Instead of relying on an existing tree as a basic foundation, you can follow the design and adjust it to suit you. We like this blueprint because it is one of the Minecraft treehouse ideas, adding an interesting twist to the formula and filling the side dome with crafting stations at the top. The only thing is to find the right place to start construction!

As we all remember, the 1.16 update introduced two new types of wood that were only available in the Netherlands, allowing players to add much needed colored wood to their homes. We must all explore the Netherlands at some point if we are to make progress, so why not build a great treehouse base as a haven in the midst of chaos? The following video by TheMythicalSausage mainly uses Crimson Hyphae and Red Nether Bricks to build the treehouse from scratch and the results are amazing. Since the creator made some adjustments to the design on the go, we suggest watching the entire video tutorial at least once in a single sitting.

In Mincraft, the spruce plant grows to 2 × 2 square and grows into a large tree. You can find fertility naturally in your world or raise yourself. They are the perfect blank canvas to keep all kinds of amazing Minecraft treehouse ideas, we can see with the following video tutorial‌ by Spudetti. It is important to note that you need to raise the second tree above the first tree to achieve the height required for this design. Spudetti has always created amazing Minecraft house designs and this amazing spruce treehouse is no exception. If you are building it in Survival mode do not forget to use scaffolding and wear some armor!

Some players do not like to spend countless hours building their base. After all, we’re talking about the Sandbox game – you can do whatever you want! Why not have a simple Minecraft treehouse to start your adventures and stay the night? The following video tutorial by Nuec covers important survival items such as crafting stations, bed and some barrels and chests inside beautiful wood construction. The video tutorial is easy to follow and specifies the number of materials you need to complete it. We also appreciate how the creator took the time and effort to show the tutorial in Survival Mode!

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Last but not least, if you can only have one simple platform, why spend countless hours setting up a base? We suggest an easy Minecraft house tutorial that you can rely on to settle in the middle of the jungle. The following video tutorial on Mr Mirror includes a wooden platform that you can place on top of any jungle tree. Of course, your primary resource is Jungle Wood in its various variations, so there is no need to spend much time gathering resources in advance!

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The main advantage of setting up your base is to keep most enemy groups away from your valuables. You need to keep an eye on any spider that dares to climb to the doorstep of your house! Again, scaffolding is essential if you want to recreate any of the Minecraft treehouse designs on display in your world. Which of these entries is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for reading!

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