10 Best Minecraft PVP Tips

Are you having a hard time winning PvP battles in Minecraft? Don’t worry we’re right behind you! We are here to make you a master in PvP battles. We have listed our 10 best PvP tips and tricks that you can consider the next time you enter the PvP battle.

It is very difficult to win a PvP battle without being better enchanted than an opposing player. You must wear gear that will protect you from thorns and fire and be inseparable. In this way, the player takes less damage while fighting. For swords, you can try some god spells like Sharpness, Smits and Knockback.


Practice click speed

Click and drag

When it comes to PvP battles, the most basic thing is to click as fast as you want. Without the skill of clicking nothing will help you. Get a good gaming mouse and start practicing on PvP servers. You can also try Autoclicker to automate your click.


Good aim

Good aim

You can not go bad with the target, because it will cost you PvP war. Regardless of weapons or high click speed, if you do not do well in aiming, you will definitely taste defeat. So practice targeting on servers and call your opponent to see the difference.

You have no time to change your food, weapons or access your inventory while you are struggling. The hot bar is useful in this case. You store all your ammunition in it, including your bow, sword, strength drinks, golden apples and more. Use your number keys to practice using hotbar items. This is a fast fighting method.


Take the fishing rod

You must have seen some players who use fishing rods in PvP battles, but are they not for fishing? Yes actually they are for fishing but they can be a great tool in PvP battles. You can use the fishing rod to pull your enemy closer and attack him with a knockback sword to send him back. It will shock your opponent and definitely give you a thicker edge in winning. This tip is very useful even in close fights.


Practice on PvP servers

In order to actually be good at PvP, you need to grind some serious PvP. You can join any PvP server and start practicing with the player. These specific PvP servers have some good skills and can help you inherit those skills. Most of these servers provide you with a beginner PvP kit so you do not have to worry much about resources. You will be provided with enough to start your practice.


Selection of ingenious weapons

Minecraft bow

This is one of the most underrated issues facing Minecraft PvP Players. You must see some players using bows and arrows for enemies even if they are within 3-4 blocks. Ideally, this should be done with a knife. You need to use your weapons wisely and know what works best for those weapons.

In version 1.7 it first appeared on Minecraft. Since then it has changed the PvP wars permanently. With sprinting you can quickly chase your opponents or run away from them. So having command on this skill is essential for PvP battles. It may seem easy and basic at first but mastering this skill is a different ball game, so start practicing it and see your results in a real PvP battle.

Straffing is defined as the type of movement that is constantly moving in your player circles. Sprinting is beneficial in avoiding attacks but when you attack, the movement stops. So to avoid this you need to be slightly circular in your movement and jump while you are attacking. It does less damage and helps keep you for the next attack.


Critical hitting


Have you noticed that some attacks cause more damage than normal? Those attacks are considered a critical hit and you can improve its frequency. When you start to jump and land back on the surface, it’s the best time to attack the other player to give him a critical hit. It only works when your player is going up but your player is coming down. Master this amazing trick to strike your enemies much faster compared to the traditional clicking method.

So here are our top 10 Minecraft tips and tricks to stay better in PvP battles. Try these and see yourself as an absolute monster in PvP battles in Minecraft.

The end

Allow as much time as you need to complete one skill at a time. Do not burden yourself with too much work; This can lead to failure. Also, remember that you will be killed by others. It happens so many times, in fact. Keep going and you will continue to improve.

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