10 Best Modes for Minecraft 1.18

The Minecraft 1.18 update has finally arrived! This version has a lot of potential for new, exciting playthroughs by introducing new biomes and amazing changes to how world generations work. However, we know that many players are wondering if their favorite modes are compatible with the latest release. You can browse our list of ten best modes for Minecraft 1.18, they have a very positive reputation in the community and you can install them now!

There is a good reason why Just Enough Items is one of the most downloaded modes in Curse Forge. If you’ve never heard of this mode, JEI allows you to view dishes and items in the sidebar that you can access when you open your inventory. With such a simple and practical addition, it must go into your list of important Minecraft 1.18 modes, especially if you plan to add more elements and entities in your game. The team behind JEI is constantly striving to keep their mode as stable and efficient as possible and we are excited to let you know that you can use it in 1.18.1 worlds too!

Westones are a fantastic way to turn your Minecraft world around in just a second. These mysterious stones come naturally or you can create your own and put them in the ground. Right-clicking on the block for the first time will unlock the stone for teleporting and ask you to set a name for it. Additionally, you can teleport between Way Stones using the One-Time Use Warp Scroll or Rechargeable Warp Stone. If you plan to create a multiplayer server to play with your friends, this is one of the best modes you can add for Minecraft 1.18 for everyone’s convenience!

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Furniture mode of MrCrayfish

MrCrayFish Furniture Mode 1.18 Minecraft Best Mode Interior Decoration
Screenshot by MrCrayfish

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If you’re the type of player who enjoys decorating their homes, MrCrayfish ‘furniture will undoubtedly be a must addition to your Minecraft Mods 1.18 list. As its name suggests, you are adding a bunch of furniture, appliances and appliances that will instantly upgrade your base. The nice thing about this mode is that it supports Giphy URLs to replace the GIF playing on the TV block for a fully customizable experience. 1.18 is only a few days away from being officially released, so be prepared to back up your world if you encounter an annoying bug!

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Iron chests

Iron Chests for Minecraft Caves and Cliffs 1.18 Storage Mode Part 2
Screenshot by ProgWML6

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Sometimes it takes forever to maintain your chests, and we all love to spend that time doing literally anything. For that, we refer to iron chests. As we have seen in our list of storage modes, Iron chests introduce tire enhancements to expand your chest into Gold, Diamond, Crystal and Obsidian chests. In fact, the higher the range, the more slots you get in a single chest. Not only is this a simple concept, it’s one of the best modes for Minecraft 1.18 because of how easy it is to optimize your storage space. You no longer need sophisticated storage systems to keep your prey safe from predatory hands!

Do you constantly get lost while searching and do not know where you left your base? Xaero’s Minimap is another classic Minecraft mode that allows you to add MiniMap to the UI and place saved locations and teleport to them (only if your world has cheats enabled, otherwise this feature will not work!) With multiple zoom options. With key binding and letter locking option, you can adjust your minimap to suit you. In addition to all this, the map displays all groups and item drops for better environmental understanding, as well as underground cave systems. Most players can’t start playing Minecraft without installing Xaero’s Minimap, so we’re glad it’s updated to 1.18.

New groups in the Minecraft community are always big news, but sometimes you just have to add more. The following mod available for Minecraft 1.18 adds a total of 61 mobiles, combining real-life animals and fictional creatures with unique mechanics and drops. Their design fits perfectly into the aesthetics of Minecraft! When Alex Mobs is born for the first time after installation, you’ll get an animal dictionary that serves as a basic guide and documentation for each new group. If you want to have Alex Mobs, don’t forget to download and install Citadel!

Villagers are an excellent way to get rare resources through the emerald trade. However, there is an unused potential to expand their utility and one of the best Minecraft 1.18 modes for this is More Villagers. This mode introduces new workstations and jobs that unlock new trades. For frp, forestry, gardening, oceanography, hunting posts, these tweaks will add more life and diversity to your Minecraft villages. The good news is, this mode is compatible with many other popular rural modes in its older versions, so we hope the same happens with 1.18!

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The dogs in Minecraft are some of the best companions who can be by your side when they return to your home or wait patiently for you. With the updated 1.18 version of Doggy Talents, you can now take proper care of your pet with beds, food bowls, double collars and the new hanger system. You will have plenty of time to experiment with the 19 new capabilities you can offer your dog and the restored AI behavior! The great thing about doggie talent is that if you want to add specific designs‌ from other creators, you can add your customized textures to the dogs.


Client tweaks

Utility Mode Client Tweaks Minecraft 1.18 Single Player Download CurseForge
Screenshot by BlayTheNinth

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Last but not least, we have the perfect Minecraft mode for 1.18, which adds a bunch of optimizations and tweaks to improve the quality of life of the game. Most of these features are disabled by default so you can go and see what fits your preferences. You can find some improvements such as adding master volume and music volume sliders in the options screen. If you use Optifine, you can set the last torch in your offhand to be “unplayable” so that you do not accidentally become a light source. The best things in life are very simple and client tweaks are no exception!

Instead of focusing on a specific area, the cyclic goal is to add various unrelated elements to enhance what is already present in the vanilla experience. Mode includes pipes, generators and automated repair and enchanting systems, along with other amazing items that will take your Minecraft experience to another level! If you want to have a complete reduction of everything included in the mode, the creator strongly suggests downloading Patchouli. Otherwise, it’s always fun to find the mode yourself and get some useful tools and materials!

We look forward to launching a new world in Minecraft 1.18 and see all the amazing new features included by Mojang in this release! All the creators and teams who performed have worked hard to ensure that fans can access their modes as quickly as possible and we always thank them for their effort! Which of these entries do you want to have in your Minecraft world? Is there any other mode you would like to update to 1.18? Let us know in the comments below!

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