15 Best 1.18 Minecraft Seeds

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With the release of Minecraft 1.18, the world generation has changed drastically. You can now not only discover huge mountains and spectacular caves, but also a combination of deeper rivers and a better biome.

So to see the changes with full glory, I listed 15 best Minecraft 1.18 seeds. There is something for everyone. You will find seeds with breathtaking views and with some unique world generation.

So if it sounds interesting, keep reading.

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Quick denial

Before we get into the best 1.18 Minecraft seeds, I want you to know one thing. Thanks to Mozang’s efforts, the seeds should be almost identical. That means you can use it for both Bedrock and Java! However, there are some slight differences as to how the structures originate.


Huge mountains surrounded by taiga forests

1.18 Seeds - Huge mountains surrounded by taiga forests

Seed: 974123259

Starting with our list, one of the best 1.18 seeds showing the impressive work done by Mozang! If you create your next world, you will find one of the most amazing sights you have ever seen.

Once up to 873 121-926 coordinates, you will find a view of two snow-capped mountains surrounded by high taiga forests. It looks even better when combined with excellent shader.


13 Diamond Wine Seed

1.18 Seeds - 13 Diamond Seed

Seed: -8715334050233814349

When you are first born into this world, you may think that this world is nothing special. However, when you dig the coordinates -278-51 2966, you will find something amazing.

If you do not know, the ore distribution in Minecraft 1.18 has changed! And one of the most important changes is diamonds. Instead of the usual 2-4 diamond ore veins, you will now find mostly 1-2 diamond ore veins. That means it is very rare to find something like a 13 diamond vein.

So, if you want to take some advantage of your next survival world, this is one of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds for you.

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A hilly Savannah village island

1.18 Seeds - Hilly Taiga village

Seed: -6537256334104833826

When the world of Minecraft is properly designed, it can leave anyone’s jaw! And with this seed, it’s no different! Here, you will find a very exciting view near the spawn area.

You will find the island of Taiga on a small hill, where a village is settled in a unique way.

So if you are looking to live in an extraordinary village, this seed is for you.


A village house inside a lush cave

1.18 Seeds - Village House inside the cave

Seed: 253400378802

No wonder the green caves are amazing. They are full of greenery and light, which is different from your usual gray caves. And it seems that this villager knows that too. However, he made a big mistake.

The villager built his house on top of the lava fall. So when you get to this house, unfortunately, the house burns down. But if you act quickly, you can protect his house.

Unfortunately, rural merchants do not offer any discounts!


A meadow surrounded by huge mountains

1.18 Seeds - Grassland around mountains

Seed: -56169785

Meadows is one of the best (and least underestimated) biomes added to the game. Those biomes are found in the lower levels of the mountains with many flowers and some trees.

But sometimes, the valleys emerge in a very beautiful way. In this seed, the valley is surrounded by huge mountains with snowy peaks. This makes it a great place to build your starter house.


Huge dripstone cave

1.18 Seeds - Huge dripstone cave

Seed: -1895276179

In Minecraft 1.18, two cave biomes were added: the Lush Caves and the Dripstone Caves. (Darkness is late, learn more about 1.19 here) Both are impressive and very beautiful! However, when you add this seed to your world, you will see how amazing the Dripstone Caves look.

Among the coordinates -31 y 749, you will find yourself in the taiga biome, which probably contains one of the largest and most impressive dripstone caves you have ever seen. It’s so big, you can go there with your Elitra. Be careful with stalagmites and stalactites.


A cliffside village

1.18 Seeds - Cliffside Village

Seed: 8027300948549384115

This seed proves that the players appreciate the spectacular view, but the villagers also appreciate it! When you add this seed to your world, you will find a village near Span with a stunning backdrop of mountain.

And by adding a beautiful looking shader, you can create a screenshot that fits your desktop background.

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A magnificent valley surrounded by snow-capped peaks

1.18 Seeds - The Amazing Valley

Seed: 8624896

If I have to pick a seed that I like the most, it must be this seed. Because it is practical and wonderful to watch. In these coordinates, you will find yourself surrounded by a beautiful mountain, the ruined Nether Portal and a huge lake in the middle.

There is also a flat valley full of flowers, which is the perfect place to build your next home.


An amazing Lush Cave Generation

1.18 Seeds - Wonderful lush cave

Seed: 1032336628

So have you seen the drip stone caves in full glory? Well, why not see the other cave in all its glory? At 581 63 76 Coordinates, you will find one of the most elaborate lush caves in the game. But it’s better than the rest, how do you get in.

As you travel across the ocean, you will find the sea merging seamlessly into a green cave. And how awesome it looks! You will find floating islands and many beautiful waterfalls. It’s totally magical.

So if you only want to try a Minecraft 1.18 seed, this is your choice.


Volcano Seed

1.18 Seeds - Volcano Seed

Seed: 289558371926666958

Don’t get me wrong, the new generation is totally thrilling, but only a few things are missing. Oasis aside, I would love to see Minecraft add volcanoes as well. This will make the land more vibrant and it will also introduce some new construction materials.

If you want to see it in Minecraft too, do not worry, we do not have to wait any longer! Because u / Hmmm_E found the seed that made it possible.

As you travel to 70 199 -460 coordinates, you will find exactly how the broken Nether Portal structure on top of Minecraft World Generation Mountain looks like a volcano. And the good thing is, it looks like Netherk is leaking from the lava.


A jungle temple above the Woodland Mansion

1.18 Seeds - Jungle Temple on top of a building

Seed: 150589112544105406

As you can see with the last seed, sometimes the world generation does anything perfectly. But there are some cases where it turns out strange. With this seed, you will be born in the Jungle Biome.

The strange thing, however, is that there is a Woodland mansion and nothing but a jungle temple on its roof. It’s very strange, but you’re so lucky to have gotten more loot from one place.

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Triple spanner seed

1.18 seeds - Triple spanner

Seed: -3413533161455188749

In 1.18, the dungeons were made more frequently than before. Well, it seems they are very close in this seed. When you mine the ground for the -40, -17, -30 coordinates, you will find not just one or two, but three spanners together.

And what makes it even better is that each spanner is unique. That means you have three different spanners: zombie, skeleton and spider!


Desert Village Island

1.18 Seeds - Desert Island Village

Seed: 4954237

If you are looking for a village where you can settle down, I’ll get the seed for you! Here, you will find a desert village on a small island. The place is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef.

And as an added benefit, you can find a sunken ship on the surface of the village. So your Minecraft survival world is a good place to start.


The village is surrounded by three snow-capped mountains

1.18 Seeds - Alps village

Seed: -1863639429

If you still do not fit the magnificent mountains, here is another seed for you. When you first breed here, you look like you were born in a village. That’s luck, but what makes this seed awesome is the surroundings.

There are three huge mountains around this village. This place looks like you’re in a small village in Switzerland.

So if you want to start your Minecraft world, you should definitely give it a try.


Wonderful Badlands Spawn

1.18 Seeds - Excellent Badlands Spawn

Seed: -78688046

Badlands is one of the most beautiful biomes in Minecraft. And if you like them a lot and like me, you can start your Minecraft world with this seed. When you are born into this world, you are next to a huge and jaw-dropping badlands biome.

But that’s not all! As you travel left from the spawn and climb the highest mountain, you will find a huge river with a coral reef.

So what not to love about this seed?

Well, the only problem is, you have to climb a lot to hit your first tree.

Bonus: Valley of flowers surrounded by mountains

1.18 Seeds - Flowering meadow surrounded by mountains

Seed: 368592799

As a bonus for coming this far, I would like to end with another Minecraft 1.18 seed with mountains. In the center of the world (-26, 118, 207), you will find one of the most beautiful mountains you can see in Minecraft.

Once you climb it, you will see a beautiful valley with white and yellow flowers. And you will have beautiful mountains as your backdrop, which will become the perfect place to build your next base.

The end

And these are the best 1.18 Minecraft seeds! These seeds show you how hard Mojang worked to update this. But do you know any other seeds that are impressive? If you do, do not forget to write them in the comments. I want to check them out.

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