4 and 2 of the Valorant Announces Act

Valorant is starting to publish Episode 4 by Big Time in the Future. The expansion adds an all-new Battlepass to the first-person shooter, which offers tons of new items that players can enjoy as they progress. The update is also adding a Gaias Vengeance skin line and a new weaponry set against the hunt for players.

Riot Games is the new act of rapid progress that players can expect on Tuesday if it comes to new play. The biggest addition is the new Battlepass, which requires 1,000 Valorant Points or VP to upgrade and unlock all premium tiers. These premium tiers offer players a lot of other in-game bonuses, such as Striker Operator, Striker Knife, Lycans Ban Vandal, Bruno’s Happy Dance Spray, and more.

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Of course those who don’t want to spend the VP for premium content can still unlock free rewards through the battlepass. Some awesome rewards include Striker Classic, Stratacibears Balalaika Spray, Crying Mance Spray and the all-purpose pistol Buddy.

By the way, the Battlepass, Riot Games introduces the azare and Vengeance skinpack in Valorant. According to the developer, these will be weapons born of the magical woods that grew before humankind’s reign. These weapons both create and destroy life; They hold crystals to protect the forest. Preeti Khanolkar shared some great magic behind the process: creating a great story.

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We wanted the Gaias Vengeance to feel magical and mystical. Someone ancient and powerful that draws its power deep into an enchanted forest We could have made a forest theme based on a skin line, but the team found this incredible blend of mysterious, magical, intricate and powerful.

These new skins have some variants, a shimmering crystal effect and melee variants. The initial bundle is 7,100 VP and earn them a lot of items, including a Gaias Wrath melee and a Gaias Vengeance Gun Buddy. The Gaias Vengeance and the Battlepass will both be available on March 1st.

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