The web-based puzzle game known as Wordle is a fun and challenging brain teaser. However, figuring out the word of the day is not always smooth sailing. Sometimes, you may come across some clues that stump you, and if you run out of ideas for what to guess next, we’re here to help you out. Below we have a complete list of Wordle-compatible 5-letter words with X as the second letter.

There are a total of 57 possible Wordle guesses you can use that meet the criteria. It’s a fairly sized list, sure, but the answer is hidden amongst the words. Make sure to use your in-game hints and the knowledge you’ve obtained thus far to make your best educated guess!

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Words With X as the Second Letter

Below is a Wordle-compatible list of 5-letter words with X as the second letter. The list may seem comprehensive, but you can narrow it down by eliminating words that contain incorrect letters based on your in-game feedback. After eliminating those incorrect words, you will be left with a much more manageable list to work with and use to make an educated guess.

5 Letter Words with X as the Second Letter List

  • exeem
  • oxides
  • axillary
  • axman
  • exits
  • exome
  • rust
  • axion
  • oxster
  • extol
  • exfile
  • excuse me
  • axon
  • axled
  • expel
  • exodus
  • exile
  • exeat
  • exine
  • Excel
  • oxers
  • axing
  • exurb
  • ixtle
  • exude
  • ixnay
  • axons
  • expat
  • execs
  • exult
  • exons
  • ixora
  • oxies
  • axels
  • exist
  • oxlip
  • ixias
  • expos
  • exies
  • oxims
  • exuls
  • exalted
  • oxime
  • axoid
  • exing
  • axles
  • ox bow
  • extra
  • exert
  • axite
  • axiom
  • exactly
  • exams
  • ox-eye
  • axmen
  • axial
  • axils
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That’s our complete list of 5-letter words with X in the second position. You might be able to get some good ideas from these words that will help you finish off the puzzle if you’re stuck. If you ever need help with any other aspect of this game, you can simply visit our Wordle section for more word lists, clues, and guides.