5 reasons to use Audacity instead of Adobe Audition

The files corresponding to the multimedia content that we find on our PC are currently the order of the day. We use these files for all kinds of tasks, but we should not limit ourselves to videos or photos, since audio is also very important. To work with these files we can use solutions of interest such as Adobe Audition or Audacity.

These two applications that we are talking about are the best known and most used solutions in this particular software sector. It is important to know that we not only have video or image editors, since with sound we can also do authentic tricks. Precisely for this there are these programs that we commented on and that offer us everything necessary for these tasks of sound editing.

The resulting files can serve us as independent elements for certain uses, or they will be part of larger projects. Something very common, for example, is to use these edited files corresponding to the audio for video-related compositions. Be that as it may, first of all we must choose well the software that we want to use for these editions. In addition to the two mentioned, we can find many other similar programs on the market to edit sound.

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Here we are going to talk to you about some of the main reasons why you can opt for Audacity instead of Adobe Audition. It is true that both proposals are very powerful for these jobs, but as we say, choosing well can save us a good amount of time and effort.

Why choose Audacity over Adobe Audition when editing audio

These resolutions are well known in this sound editing industry, so both offer us functions to cover the needs of the majority. But despite all this and some reasons why we may be more interested in opting for Audacity.

  • It’s free: The first thing we are going to tell you is that Audacity that we can download and use without spending a single euro. Quite the contrary, it happens with Audition, which, like most Adobe programs, is paid. There is no doubt that this is a compelling reason to choose the first alternative.
  • Audacity is more intuitive At the same time, the free option presents us with a much more intuitive user interface and menu layout. This means that we will save a lot of time when carrying out all kinds of sound editing tasks.
  • Audition focuses more on professionals: In most of the occasions we are going to need to use basic functions when editing our music. Audacity is a great option for this, since Adobe Audition is a more complex program that is especially suitable for expert or professional users.
  • Perfect if we do not have experience: If you don’t have any experience in these audio editing tasks, the open source proposal is the most suitable. We will only have to take a look at the interface that appears when we load our audio files.
  • Simplify multitrack editingNote: It’s also important to know that Audacity makes things a lot easier for us when working on projects with multiple soundtracks. In fact, it offers us some automated functions for this type of work.
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