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5 Triangle Strategy Beginner Tips & Tricks

Triangle Strategy is a brand new tactical RPG that’s just released for the Nintendo Switch, and it serves as a homage to old school tactical RPGs such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. While the UI and gameplay elements have been streamlined and modernized to make it more welcoming for newcomers, it can still be a pretty challenging experience overall. Here are a few Triangle Strategy beginner tips Get Help You Started On The Right Foot.

1. Explore the Area Thoroughly

Triangle Strategy Beginner Tips & Tricks

triangle strategy beginner tips

The Triangle Strategy in Combat is pretty challenging on its own, but when it comes to making things worse, the game is also very stingy when it comes to rewarding the player with money. Without money, you won’t be able to upgrade your weapons or buy accessories or any of your aforementioned upgrades.

Thankfully, even if you’re low on funds, you can still explore the various levels of finding items, accessories, and even money in hidden corners. Whenever you fight outside of a story chapter in the Serenoa of Gain Control, you have a little bit of talk around the area and even the wander around every opportunity.

Look out for the shining spots that will sparkle every few seconds, and head over and interact with them by pressing the A button. You’ll be rewarded with some kind of useful item or material, which is great because it’s one of the few things you can spend on your hard-earned money. Make sure to scrub every inch of the way out of the way once you’ve finished your exploration.

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