A new 3DMark GPU benchmark is coming to a close later this year

Please take your graphics card to its knees.

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How to Buy a Graphic Card: Tips on Using a Graphic Card in the Barren Silicon City that is 2022.

UL announced that a new test will be released later this year. The 3DMark Speed ​​Way Benchmark is a directX 12 Ultimate graphics card. It is going to show rays tracing with real-time in global illumination effects. UL says that mesh shaders and variable rates support it.

That benchmark is sponsored by the Lenovos Legion. This means that you’ll probably find it everywhere, as in Galax’s Time Spy and MSI in Fire Strike.

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UL says Speed ​​Way will start on Steam later in the year. They’re expecting the standalone download to be released at some point as an overclocker, in particular, won’t want to install the Steam to Run benchmark. As a result, it’s not clear if some current owners of 3DMark will need to buy speedway or include it as DLC.

3DMark remains the most popular benchmark, but as far as its CPU’s results can be an unbalanced issue. It may be possible for developers and developers to test their CPU’s power. However, the ray tracing subtest is the same on brutal graphics cards and we hope that the tests will be the same. This is not just for the current GPUs, but also for those who come over the next few years.

I have a love-hate relationship back many years. Being a former extreme clocker, it was always a challenge with the subtests of memory-free physics and cold bugs, and the feeling that the crash had taken a few seconds before the end.

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As far as ln2 has passed, I’m sure I can count on a few hundred or more hours of speedway usage. It’s fun, but it’s a bit sad, too.

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