A newwomen on Asmongold. When is the next expansion bad?

In a recent YouTube video, Asmongold described his lack of expectations for the next World Warcraft expansion and explained why he doesn’t care as much as it turns out.

Almost his entire Twitch career, asmongolds has seemingly been tied to the popular Mario game World of Warcraft, the popular MMO of Blizzards. Since the streamer began playing MMOs like Lost Ark, Final Fantasy XIV Online, and more, WoW is still regarded by most as his most cherished play by far, according to Twitch Tracker.

WoW from an abrupt break taken by Asmongold. The company behind the company has been under fire for its employee treatment, and quality of the game itself. His newest expansion is already ahead of him. The Twitch star said that the expansion and potential quality of it means little to him.

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Let’s see what’s going on. I don’t know anything about it, Asmongold said. If a person like Steve Danuser can make a great gift and watch and play, then I’ll be happy about it. Asmongold said that even though he hopes the expansion will be good, he has many options.

Is this going to happen now? You can’t say this, he said. Shadowlands is better than I feel. While commenting on the community’s recent expansion, the Asmongold set the bar low.

Heres the thing. I don’t really shit, he said. If the expansion is bad, who cares? I will just play Lost Ark, or New World, or Final Fantasy IV, or anything. It’s not a big deal.

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Asmongold’s attention has recently been driven away from WoW, with countless other MMO titles being released recently. While this new expansion may add up to a lot of the franchise, but the community doesn’t look like it will if it is too heartbroken.

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