A Nintendo Fan Has Made the Fake Portable GameCube Into a Reality


Around 15 years ago, there were images of a portable GameCube floating around that had fans losing their minds, as the idea of ​​getting to play this console and all its great games was unheard of at the time. Unfortunately, it turned out to be fake, breaking the hearts of Nintendo fanboys all around the world.

Youtuber GingerofOz Was one of those heartbroken fanboys back in the day, and has decided to go wrong by actually making the fake portable GameCube into a reality. You can check out the story behind its creation and some official images below.

According to GingerofOz, this portable GameCube creation has the power of a Wii inside it, meaning it can play the entire GameCube library thanks to the power of backwards compatibility. The one thing he did mention is that the battery life is not great, but it has always been an issue for portable devices.

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If you like to know more about this amazing piece of work, as well as all of the creator’s other creative endeavors, head over to his Patreon, GingerofModsGeneral Chat Chat Lounge If you’re still on the hunt for more Nintendo content, you can also check out all of the related articles we’ve got for you below. That includes lots of news, features, and quizzes that you’ll surely love.

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