A Pokemon fan wants to see the Scorlet and Violet of the Sword and the Shield of Rumor

While there are a lot of fans out there looking for the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, here are some recent Pokemon entries to see if there’s any hints for these. DDD-HERO says they know a Hint of Scarlet and Violet in the Pokémon Sword and Shield.

In Sword and Shield there’s a hotel called Ionia that players can explore in the City of Circhester. There are side rooms that are smacked away in the lobby. There is no way to access the side rooms, but the DDD-HERO pointed out wallpapers are still visible, and on the wallpapers there are oranges and grapes.

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I chose Pokemon from Sword and Shields.

Scarlet and Violet for a trailer showing off a matching assortment of orange and grape varieties. The fruit was found on two mounted shields, which are also a symbol of the fruit. There are so many bowls of fruit in the trailer, too. As well, the blood of orange and grape varieties with the shades scarlet and violet match.

DDD-HERO later shares that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl may have a Scarlet and Violet reference, too. DDD-HERO realized that some of the flowers in the game have different colors than the original Diamond and Pearl. When The Flowers Hungry From The 201 Street, The Orange Color Of Green-Greens Instead Of The Old Colored Glitzy Colors – And Then The Blue-Eyed Violet.

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These secrets are told by DDD-HERO to reveal any truth to them. Pokemon games often hide little ideas in future titles.

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