According to the latest update, the players (inside the workaround) are in the dark on the sky.

No Mans Sky is a game most popular in space enthusiasts. It is available to different platforms and consoles (either first or second generation).

Since the game started in 2016 – it has received numerous updates and more and more with regards to updates. Recently, the game received a new patch.

Even with the recent No Mans Sky update, the quality of the images is not as impressive as the design.

Latest update after only Mans Sky blurries or textures fade.

The most recent No Mans Sky update broke the textures of the game with a lot of elements and characters on stage.

Who else got this problem and was it possible to find a solution? I have been getting some missing grass textures from the planet Frontiers. I had a promised patch. Nothing I tried was a reinstalling, even if it wasn’t done properly. Source


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In some cases the game textures change color randomly as the player moves through the scenarios.

Textures and colors are gone winky.

The report is now in zen. But how many people in PS4 or other platforms have trouble adjusting textures or just not having the time or attention to save time and how many people want to work together. And yet it happened to me when I changed my clothes to softer wooden frames. I turn in a circle and the white wooden style looks to the metallic green or back to the original industrial appearance. Source


This also prevents some players from changing their designs any way.

Breaking the Texture

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PC: Hey guys, I don’t know how it works but my texture started to crack after the crack. If I change the color of my walls or buildings with changes in color, it can be done with new colors. I tried to turn, but I couldn’t. Even the textures break like the traits of nature, that of nature, etc. Source

A possible solution.

Two notches by the games graphical settings you can try. This helps solve the problem, according to games textures.

Hmmm. Then I lowered all my images to two nuches. That’s the only way to get my graphics card for the NMS recommended settings. I know many of you have way better cards than mine. Source

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There is an official acknowledgment from Hello Games (the developers of the game) about this issue yet. When the weather becomes clear, it’ll be up to us.

In the video: Mans are naked.

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