Adding PS App screenshot / video access

PS App screenshot / video

It’s out in Japan and Canada now

If you’ve been longing for live PS App screenshot / video access, now is the time. Well, soon, anyway. Sony is rolling out the feature now in the United States: and it is already available in Japan and Canada.

The short of it is that your PS5, when linked with the PS App properly, will instantly beam screens and captures your app. This is essentially auto-uploads to the cloud, and will take about 14 days from the point of creation on PS5. This functionality has been a part of the Xbox app for a while now, and in tandem with OneDrive, it’s extremely convenient!

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There are a few restrictions for PS5, though, beyond the 14-day deletion window. To get easy instant access, videos need to be under three minutes long and not 4K quality. Screens also need to be taken directly from the create menu or the create button (naturally).

Here’s how you enable it and actually use it:

How to enable PS5 game capture on PlayStation App

In order for screenshots and videos to be auto-uploaded, make sure you set up the following:

  • Your PS5 console needs to be linked to the PlayStation App.
  • Your PS5 console needs to be in left mode and rest Stay connected to the Internet setting enabled.
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How to view PS5 game captures on PlayStation App

Once you have enabled auto-upload, any Supported screenshots and video clips Captured on your PS5 console will be uploaded. You can see them on the PlayStation App by selecting Library > CapturesGeneral Chat Chat Lounge When viewing a capture on the PlayStation App you can:

  • Select Download to save the capture to your device.
  • Select Share and then share your capture via Game Base.
  • Select Share > Share via Send to your capture using another supported app on your device.
  • View more information about your captures.

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