Adopt Me Desert Weather Map Update

Roblox Adopt Me is implementing an interesting twist in the game that will have the weather shifting and allow you to access a limited-time shop that has a variety of different items to purchase. While this won’t be around forever, it will return the following month and give you another chance to get any of the stuff that you missed out on!

One of the items that you can purchase during the desert time in Adopt Me is the Mud Ball that contains a Scarab. There are three Scarabs that you can get: Black Scarab (60% Chance), Blue Scarab (37.5% Chance), and the Gold Scarab (2.5% Chance). A Mud Ball will cost you 199 Robux, but you could always trade with another player if you don’t have the money!

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There’s a wide-variety of other items you can get that can be purchased with in-game bucks. You can get cosmetics for your character, or you can purchase Egyptian themed pet wear that you can stylize your pets with!

Here’s the official details on the new Desert update:

🏜️ Desert Map Weather Update! 🏜️
🌞 In-game for 36 hours only – will return next month!
🌵 New themed toys and pet wear!
💩 New premium pet: Scarab Beetle and variants!
⛵️ New vehicle: Trireme and Landsailer

That’s everything we know about the Desert Weather update for Roblox Adopt Me! You can find all sorts of additional information about the game in the Adopt Me section of our website.

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