AEW Console Game Will Allow For Cross-Platform Play & Title Defenses


Earlier this week, All Elite Wrestling star and co-executive Vice President Kenny Omega went on Wrestling Observer Radio to talk about a lot of things relevant to the company. And while a lot of the conversations revolved around his career and the injuries he’s currently rehabbing, he also divulged key information about the upcoming AEW console game.

In the interview, Omega, who is a huge gamer himself, talked about all of the game modes and features that the game will have, including the ability to play cross-platform.

“We have a lot of match types, game modes, there is going to be cross-platform and an online component where you can create your own lobby and things like that and have fun with friends, the ability to defend belts. Plenty of ways to interact with people in different ways to build a community and interact with people and have fun.

In this wrestling universe, it’s not just about the wrestling itself, it’s always about bringing people together as best you can, which is not the main focus, but I would like to see that happen and it’s one of my focuses. I would like to see that happen, for this game to be a chance for wrestling fans and people who enjoy the game to have as many outlets as they can to bring their friends together and have fun, offline or online. “

Omega also talked about how fans can expect a new character reveal at some point soon, as the team behind the upcoming AEW console game is hard at work making a title that causal and die-hard fans alike are going to love.

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