All Elden Ring Staff Locations We’ve Found So Far


FromSoftware games have always featured spellcasting, but the Elden Ring is another level with its massive array of different magic to wield. To truly maximize the damage they inflict, however, aspiring sorcerers will want to make sure they have the best staff. So, here’s a list All Elden Ring staff locations we’ve found so far.

All Elden Ring Staff Locations

  • Astrologer’s Staff – This is the Astrologer class for the starting staff. It can be bought from The Nomadic Merchant in Lunaria for 800 Runes
  • Demi-Human Queen Staff – The Demi Human Queen Staff is a map of the Weeping Peninsula region, which is directly south of Limgrave. Guide guide here.
  • Meteorite Staff – Located in Caelid, east of Limgrave. Specifically, it’s the Aeonian Lake Swamp in the Sage Ruins of the Street. Guide guide here.
  • Glintstone Staff – Caria Manor at Noble Sorcerers from Farm
  • Academy Glintstone Staff – Dropped from NPC Thop, either by killing him or by hand over the Academy Glintstone Key. You must then visit the Raya Lucaria Academy of Schoolhouse Classroom site where you will find him dead and can loot his corpse.
  • Carian Regal Sceptar – After the defending Rennala, the Raya Lucaria Academy at the Queen’s Full Moon, exchange it for the Remembrance of the Full Moon with the power of the Queen’s Roundtable.
  • Carian Glintblade staff – It can be found on the Highway Lookout Tower of the Upper Floor of the Lounge of Lurnia.
  • The Digger’s Staff – Dropped by two different enemy types, the Raya Luceria Crystal Tunnel (Lurnia of the Lakes): Sorcerer Miners, and Stonediggers.
  • Crystal Staff – The boss fight in front of a fog wall just behind the Academy Crystal Cave. After passing through, you will need to locate the illusory rock wall and pass through it.
  • Loss of Staff – A balcony over a corpse leaning on the founding, a building to the west of Sellia, the town of Sorcery in Caelid.
  • The Guilty of Staff – Dropped by red-robed, skeletal cultists at Fort Laiedd, Mt. Gelmir (western edge).
  • Prince of Death’s staffAfter beating the two Valiant Gargoyles in Siofra Aqueduct, rest inside the coffin. You will then find yourself at Deeproot Depths. From here, head across the tree root bridge and past the wasps, which will eventually take you to a very shallow lake. Use Torrent Climbing to the nearby buildings and the roots that will take you up to a stone tower structure where the staff is.
  • Albinauric Staff – Guest Hall grace site near Volcano Manor; Go up to the nearest stairs and out, then up to a ladder, and into a room that has both staff and an Omenkiller you will likely lose.
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That wraps up All the Elden Ring staff locations that we’ve found so far. Be sure to search Twinfinite or check our guide for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.

If you have a specific question, you can find an answer somewhere on the site, then do the feel free to reach out to the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to lend a hand.

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