All Gran Turismo 7 – How to Unlock Them

Gran Turismo at All the Trophies 7 Can Be Unlocked! As of now, Platinum may not be too long!

The first ever gaming series of the fourth-generation series, Gran Turismo finally runs PS5 and was worth the wait.

Bringing a total of 420 cars to a collection of licensed tracks makes it impossible to surprise a PS5 game of 2022!

There are not only tons of racing fans, it also contains trophies to collect, so you can get them all here!


How many trophies do you have in the 8 o’clock tower?

In addition to the Platinum, there are 53 trophies to earn in the 7th Gran Turismo. It seems quite simple, though.

There are only four silver and gold trophies, with 47 out of four bronzes. Get the Platinum in the Galaxy 7 should be easier than other series in the series.

Games hunters will also like to learn how to get every trophy in Horizon Forbidden West, too.

How to unlock all four trophies in the 7etidth world.


  • The Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy is a Grand Prix.
    • All 7 Grand Turismo 7 trophies were accumulated!


  • Hard work has paid off.
    • All licenses in Earned Gold.


  • Circuit Master
    • Circuit Experience in Completed 15 Tracks (Sectors).
  • Working the autobahn together.
    • You matched the entire German Autobahn network’s distance by driving 13191 km (8,197 miles) with other players online.
  • Speed ​​Archdemon
    • I reached an hour speed of 300 km / h (333).
  • Before the Three Legendary Cars existed.
    • Acquired three legendary car’s first designed to win 24 hour racing.
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Read the article on the iPhone. Seven o’clock for Amazon delivered early.



  • The boozy is a bit off the side.
    • Recently purchased a turbo or supercharger 10 times.
  • A Taste of Tuning!
    • Tachable parts for sale and equipped
  • All-Rounder ‘
    • Won competes on ten tracks in the same way.
  • By the Country Mile, you’ll get by.
    • Won, who had a lead of 10 seconds or more in two laps, at least two laps in a race.
  • She’s a whisker.
    • Three seconds or more of a lead with Won a race.
  • Circuit Apprentice
    • Circuit Experience in Completed Five Tracks (All Sectors).
  • Clean Racer
    • Do not finish the race without any collisions.
  • Crossing the Atlantic Together.
    • The first non-stop transatlantic flight: 5 810 km (3 610 miles)
  • Digging the dirt.
    • Dirt tracks on Won 10 races.
  • Take a break in 60 seconds.
    • One minute under the Tsukuba circuit of a lap over Drove.
  • An hour for driving is no longer necessary.
    • Do one complete 24 Hours of Le Mans: 2,209.538 kilometers (1,372.942 miles), 2:20.
  • To Go the Angeles City Highway.
    • Walk the Angeles Crest Highway (US) 66 miles.
  • In the drive along Route 66, which you will have to take.
    • Drive the Route 66 (USA) by 2 451 miles (3,945km)?
  • Fill him in.
    • In the sport take a break, and fill your tank with fuel.
  • Firm Favorite
    • Have bought the same car 10 times.
  • Formula First Timer.
    • Don’t wait for the Formula car.
  • Fully Licensed
    • Obtained all the certificates.
  • Heavy Haulage
  • Mastery in-game, so do men.
    • Sport Mode in the Finished 50 races.
  • Join the 200mph Club.
    • This was a speed of one thousandmph (322 km / h).
  • Lets Go Carbon Neutral!
  • Legend with Vive.
    • The Dealer of Legend Cars Found a Car.
  • Your car life is living.
    • I started the first menu.
  • Looks good!
    • Bought and upgraded aerodynamic parts.
  • Le Mans from Memento and La Mans from Le Mans.
    • A Scapes photo of an Audi R18 TDI (Audi Sports Team Joest) taken by the Circuit de la Sarthe.
  • The Nürnberg-based ring over Memento has taken.
    • On the Nurburgring, get a Scapes photo of a BMW Gr.3 car with a camera on the main stage.
  • Motor Mania
    • A garage stored a total of fifty cars.
  • Moving up.
    • Moved up five or more positions in one lap.
  • New Treads
    • During a race, hit a pitstop and change your tires and change your tires.
  • No assistance needed!
    • Did you finish a race without any help settings?
  • No life, no life, no cars.
    • Added a total of 100 cars to your garage.
  • Podium Fixture
    • We finished the podium ten times.
  • Rain Royalty
    • Acquired your rain license.
  • Both sides are round and round.
    • Oval tracks on Drove three hundred miles (868,662).
  • The Cliffs on Walking is a challenge.
    • In a race where we have seen fuel consumption, we have had enough fuel.
  • Safety First
    • It was a safety car for Bates.
  • Smoking Hot
    • He got 10,000pts in Drift Trials.
  • Snap-Happy!
    • Scapes or Race Photos in Took 100 Photos.
  • Speed ​​Demon
    • In the distance, the speed was 500 km / h (11mph)
  • Sport mode Debuts
    • Sport Mode in Finished a Race.
  • Squeaky Clean
  • He started studying motoring history.
    • The first car collection menu was completed.
  • The First Step to Mastery: The First Step.
    • Circuit Experience (All Sectors) in Completed a Track.
  • Time Attacker
  • Toughening Up
    • A car’s body rigidity is 10 times higher.
  • Warning: There are a lot of people on the go.
  • Huge, Good Morning!
    • He bought ten wheel sets.
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How Can You Unlock The Trophies In Gran Turismo 7. Would You Like The Platinum?

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