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While most of your time is spent on blasting stormtroopers and defending Sith lords, your bid to overthrow the Galactic Empire, you’ll also be tasked with tracking down a bunch of collectibles that you can spend on upgrading your characters in the game’s skill trees . One of the rarest of all collectibles are Datacards that are scattered across 23 unlockable hub planets in Traveler’s Tales’ latest Star Wars collection. Here’s How to Find All 19 Datacards in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Where to Find All 19 Datacards in the LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

  • Datacard # 1Exagol – Sith Citadel
    • Once you’ve taken the elevator down, take a left and go up the stairs. Climb the chain and walk across the pipe to reach the first Datacard.
  • Datacard # 2Kef Bir – Crash Site
    • Follow the middle path, and turn west when you reach the north exit. The Datacard is the hut behind it.
  • Datacard # 3Endor – Ewok Village
    • Follow the spiral pathway down the side of the tree and shoot the vines and lever to reveal the next Datacard.
  • Datacard # 4Coruscant – Federal District
    • In the map of the north-west, you’ll find a large red carpet running down a pathway and a narrow locked red forcefield behind this Datacard. Stand on the two buttons nearby (you need to use the second character to help you) and you can scoop up the fourth Datacard.
  • Datacard # 5Coruscant – Uscru District
    • To the far south is a floating building. You’ll need a jump over the fence (a button prompt will appear when you’re standing next to it) and then the next Datacard to pick up the walk around.
  • Datacard # 6Jakku – Niima Outpost
    • To the north of the map, there’s a ship’s engine protruding from the sand. Grapple your way down and nab your next prize.
  • Datacard # 7Takodana – Maz’s Castle
    • To the west of the map is a tower which you can grapple up to. Press the red button and the next Datacard will appear in a chest.
  • Datacard # 8Crait – Crait Outpost
    • Next to the Landing Pad are some ladders. Climb up to the ladders and grapple across a platform to find the Eighth Datacard.
  • Datacard # 9Bespin – Cloud City
    • In the Center Plaza use the Breaking Blaster on the glowing crack and then grapple over to the ninth Datacard.
  • Datacard # 10Hoth – Echo Base
    • At the base of the back-right are the blue lights with orange ledges marked. Grapple up here and follow the ledges to net your next Datacard.
  • Datacard # 11Dagobah – Dragonsnake Bog
    • To the south-east is a tree branch. Grapple Up To Get It On Your Hands On The Eleventh Datacard.
  • Datacard # 12Mustafa – Mining Complex
    • To the north of Klegger Corp, you’ll find a set of stairs. Next to the rock wall is a large pipe, a twelfth Datacard for grapple up.
  • Datacard # 13Geonosis – Stalgasin Hive
    • In the canyons area look for grappling points going up the wall of the canyons. Grapple up and then follow the cliff to the side. Grapple up once more and you’ll find your next Datacard in a small cave.
  • Datacard # 14Tatooine – Jundland Wastes
    • Attach your lightsaber to the mountainside next to Old Ben Kenobi’s house and climb up. Use the force to fix a grapple point to the wall. Jump across and fix the force using the wall to another grapple point. Continue jumping up the mountain and your next prize on your mitts.
  • Datacard # 15Tatooine – Mos Espa
    • Head to the Slave Quarters section at the top of the map and find the buildings behind your Fifteenth Datacard.
  • Datacard # 16Tatooine – Mos Eisley
    • In the Civilian Quarters, you’ll find it on the side of a building. You’ll need to use the force to lift the three crates to get a set of stairs.
  • Datacard # 17Kashyyyk – Kachirho
    • Via the South Beach, head towards Tree Vikkilynn and follow the path all the way until it splits into three. Take the left path and follow it to an outside area. The Datacard will be hidden in a nook on your left.
  • Datacard # 18Yarvin 4 – Great Temple
    • Grapple up to the beam inside the temple and grab the penultimate one.
  • Datacard # 19Cantonica – Canto Bight
    • In the Old Town area, grapple up some buildings and drop down to a balcony to net your final Datacard.
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All 19 Datacards for Collecting What You Get

You can use Datacards to unlock new modes, Easter eggs, boosts and cheats. Essentially, they are another form of in-game currency. Plus, you need to nab them all if you’re after the coveted platinum trophy, or if you’re looking to get 100% of the game’s achievements.

Phew! So, there you have it. We hope this helped you find all 19 Datacards in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. If you’re wondering what the secret unlock codes are or are you curious about what’s in the Deluxe Edition of the Game, we’ve got all the info you need. And for more, check out some links below for the game.

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