All Star Tower Defense World 2 Update Patch Notes (ASTD)

Roblox All Star Tower Defense has launched the huge new World 2 update into the game on January 29th, 2022. This release brings a ton of new units, emotes, bosses, and a lot more. There’s a new currency to earn, and you can get some sweet PVP rewards. There are new enemy types, and dungeons will now spawn every weekend automatically. There is an absolute load of new stuff in this release, so check out the patch notes below to find it all!

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ASTD World 2 Patch Notes

  • 20+ New Units
  • Orb Search Bar
  • New Emotes
  • New PVP Bosses
  • New Currency
  • PVP Rewards
  • Season Reset
  • New Enemy Types
  • Dungeons now spawn every Weekend Automatically
  • Redesigned Certain UI [Subject to Changes]
  • New Gem Package
  • Replay System
  • W2 Private Servers
  • Banner Z System
  • Enchants
  • New Daily Task for higher levels
  • Infinite mode elevators now let you choose the map
  • World 2: LVL 100+
  • New Story Mission
  • New Music
  • Raised Damage Task
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Daily Infinite Mode Reward Bonuses

  • Every 10 waves in infinite mode will give bonus rewards
  • The higher the wave the bigger the bonus
  • Each wave bonus is collectable once per day per each infinite mode type [Regular, Elemental, Air, Dual Path]
  • Example; Losing on Wave 20 will Grant the wave 10 and wave 20 bonus, though playing the same infinite mode type again and losing on wave 40 will only grant the wave 30 and wave 40 bonuses. The wave bonuses reset daily and are not shared between infinite mode types [Regular, Elemental, Air and Dual path] meaning you can get the same wave bonuses multiple times by playing different maps.
  • World 1 Players will be granted gems while World 2 players will be given both gems and emeralds.
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  • Disabled Christmas Event
  • Disabled Weapon Rush Event
  • Gave Blonde Esper a 4th Skill
  • Low GFX now disables Lightning Parts during attack animations
    • Lightning parts are one of the biggest sources of lag from attack animations
  • Higher first clear reward on story missions (25)
  • Higher clear reward on high difficulty story missions (10)
  • Daily tasks are now generated randomly and are no longer the same tasks everyday
  • Made some of the robux prices cheaper for certain gem packs
  • Disabled Snow Particle
  • Daily Damage task is now only given to higher levels

Bug Fixes

  • Tankman now appears on shoulder with an animation
  • Inventory now updates your inventory unit count when after you summon
  • Fixed Capsules not opening
  • Teleporters no longer break when leaving at 0 seconds
  • EXP 6 EXP gain now correlates properly with the EXP shown when feeding
  • Fixed the blank image on the daily wheel
  • Lag Fixes
  • Fixed picking extreme mode on mobile
  • Fixed changing SFX and Music on Mobile
  • …And More
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That’s everything we know about the new World 2 update that was added to Roblox All Star Tower Defense. Be sure to check out the ASTD section of our site for more details on the game.

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