All The All-Strong Pokxc3xa9mon Was Confirmed In Scarlet And Violet So Far

Imagine the Pokemon Company.

Later this year, Game Freak will release the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the mainline Pokemon games of the ninth generation, thus enabling an absolutely killer 2022-themed play on the Nintendo Switch. In addition to a true open-world set in a Mediterranean-inspired region, theyre set to increase the total number of Pokemon from approximately 850 to a number so large that Texas Instruments cannot calculate it.

They know the two startersSprigatito, and the internets weed cat whose owners I have also called dibs, and Fuecoco, some form of Rough Draft Charmander. They both come full-new to Pokemon. The Pokemon Scarlet and Violets Pokedex is a string of returning favorites and, uh, not-so-favorites of the past generation.

What follows is a close-up full accounting of the possible, sourced directly from the official publicity materials for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In many cases, screenshots of the Pokemon shown in the trailer and part of the evolutionary chains, implicating (but not confirming) those monsters are more and more often planned. In that case we have a list of the remaining evolutions by a parenthese. First of all, let’s do that: Here are the Scarlet and Violetso farms for all the confirmed Pokemon.

  • Sprigatito, a grass-like starter, is the sprigatito.
  • Fuecoco, the fire-like starter.
  • Quaxly, a water-type starter, probably deserves his mention.
  • Starly, a flying-type Pokemon that was basically the Pidgey of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (Staravia, Staraptor) (Star) and was in essence the Pidgey of Pokemon (Starlight) and Starpoot.
  • Hoppip, a grass-like Pokemon without pupils and possibly no soul (Skiploom, Jumpluff), is an imaginary Pokemon named Hoppip.
  • Pasyduck, a water-type Pokemon that needs an IV of ibuprofen (Goldfuck) (Sydney-style).
  • Petilil, a grass-type bulb Pokemon that used to collect people from the lower levels (Lilligant) of their belts.
  • Bounsweet, a bulb pokemon with fruit-like roots used to populate the upper floor areas of the floors (Steenee, Tsareena).
  • Bees, a group of bees and honeycomb bees (Vespiquen) called „Bills“.
  • Drifloon a ghostly nightmare nightmare (Drifblim) (flying) (Drifloon): a Drifloon (Drifblim).
  • Meowth, a pseudo-node (Persian) that are money-hungry.
  • Pelipper, A Pelican Pokemon with the Weakest Type Matchup: Water-Flying (Wingull) and An ace.
  • Clauncher, a chin-wilt-like water-type Pokemon.
  • Swablu is an airy normal-flying type who eventually turns into a kickass dragon (Altaria) called Altaria.
  • Pakach, because the Pokemascot is essentially mandatory this time (Pichu, Raichu).
  • Bally: Too much HP with a normal Pokemon (Happiny, Chansey).
  • Seviper, a poison-type serpent, usually locked in blood feud with their counterpart, Zangoose, not seen in any other promotional material such as Scarlet or Violet.
  • Larvitar, a rock-ground, little dragon who has lost their weight until you reach level 55 (Pupitar, Tyranitar).
  • Magnemite, which, when it was not to be electric, is probably the most steel-type, but also just electric-type.
  • The Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. for fighter was essentially nervous.
  • A rock-type Pokemon that is basically an Assassins Creed Valhalla set personified.
  • Dratini is a pacquero-like Pokemon, who displays only statues in a fountain (Dragonair, Dragonite).
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The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are still up in the exact list. The Pokemon experts at Serebii report that Pokemon Home, the Nintendos cross-game Pokemon storage service, can only transfer to and from Pokemon for Scarlet and Violet. The implication is that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could not allow you to take all kinds of Pokemon from every generation.

If previous games from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are really limiting, it could be a recollection of the cult-like Dexit controversy that marred the previous mainline entries, some fans of Pokemon Sword and Shieldat least. Those games, which came out in 2019, did not include every previous generation of Pokemon, so trainers who have lost their way with the series must abandon their teams for years (or more, in some cases).

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Nintendo for Representatives did not immediately respond to their comment.

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