Amazon University Esports 2022 Spring Split with more than two thousand prizes available for students in the United Kingdom and Ireland

The final stage of the 2021/22 Amazon University Esports Championship has officially begun in Ireland.

Students are competing in the Spring 2022 Grand Finals for qualifying for the Spring Split. The split is determined by a joint effort between the university body, NUEL and the tournament platform provider GGTech.

The fight will feature feature games such as: CSGO, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, Rocket League, Teamfight Tactics and Clash Royale.

Organizers say more than 800 teams from across the country signed up for the spring split, representing 104 universities, and this has broken spring break records.

The news comes after the Amazon University Esports report record numbers for its Winter 2021 season in the UK / Ireland-style region, with more than one hundred students from 105 universities participating.

In a survey conducted by the International Library of the Sciences (AaC) on the winter break, organizers say, there was also an esports event such as Amazon University. With more than 40,000 people watching the final online, and 6m viewers following the qualifying tournaments held in Italy, Germany, France, the UK, Ireland and different channels (links, Twitch, and social media).

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This Spring Split is one of the largest Universities in the UK and Ireland such as Warwick, Imperial College London, Durham, Loughborough, Cardiff University, University of Glasgow and Technological University Dublin.

A smuggler told Esports, UK: In a welcome change for Spring this year, the new system was so important that teams could not qualify for Varsity from Spring The only season to put on a high is the winter season. For me, but not just overall growth this year, I could have even contributed to that extra qualification (dialysis) as well.

A lion, a billiard and two v3? What more should you ask for highlights? Sn2t5TPh8P is a great play for @ntu_esports, @bhamEsports and @SUBUEsports

Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports | NUEL (@theNUEL) February 25, 2022

League of Legends for Men and Women will receive the first of their kind in the UK, and it will give all female gamers an opportunity to experience a positive environment.

The basketball tournament was very fun, said Katie Waring, who played in the Women’s and Non-Binary Valorant tournament. They told me to meet a lot of amazing people, so I made friends out of it, so I spoke outside the tournament. It’s a very friendly and nice change from the male-dominated tournament.

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The Grand Finals of Varsity, including the CSGO, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant, will take place on April 12th, 13th, 14th, 2022.

Students will get a chance to share a prize pool, which will include four hundred-five worth prizes, including amazon vouchers, merch winner and paid-for trips to esports events. In the winter and spring season, the organizers have budgeted just over 32,000 dollars. Most prizing is for all NUEL competitions, not just ten Varsity competitions.

The final decision to close the finals was made by MD David Jackson. It’s not hard to say that we want to get back to NUEL Live, but there are a combination of factors, such as scheduling problems, budgeting and the lingering impact of the omicron made for us to keep our powder dry for the next year and make sure We were putting on a fantastic experience for the players. For this years finals, what we are looking at is what we can do to make the tournament a little special, so hopefully more on that in the coming weeks.

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On occasion, the League of Legends, Rocket League, Teamfight Tactics and Clash Royale will qualify for the Amazon University Esports Masters, which will bring together their country and their university team from top student teams. .

Amazon University has partnered with Riot Games, Intel and Twitch Student.

Aside from the regular tournament, more than 80 freshers fairs and support new community events, workshops, and incentives at Amazon University’s Esports and NUEL support gaming communities, as well as a big name-on-camera campaign, to support student creators.

The other university esports body in the UK, NSE, recently hosted a partnership with the Insomnia Gaming Festival to host the university’s esports finals at i68, which will take place in April 2022.

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