Among team employees, their properties are Housing Esports Left Players Strike After Russia’s Attacks On Ukraine

Russia invaded Ukraine yesterday morning. In the past 24 hours, Ukrainian citizens have to make difficult decisions to stay safe or protect against attacks or evacuate. Unfortunately, Russian forces are still a difficult area to deal with in the area of ​​airports.

Team Liquid is stepping up to help the sports community, as it has become their home. No matter what team they play, Team Liquid has stated that it will house any of its “friends or colleagues” who are left stranded due to their travels.

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Team Liquid, founder and co-CEO of Victor Goossens, encourages everyone with a touch to get to the shelter. Those affected can be housed in team apartments in the Netherlands.

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Goossens says that a non-liquid player is already harmed in the housing, after being left in a country and unable to return home.

The only response from this was that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was due to the gaming industry. As we reported yesterday, game developers in Kiev talked about the aftermath of the attacks, making a conscious conscience of what it is like for citizens to act on these issues. The speakers include Stalker 2 developer, GSC Game World, and the team behind The Sinking City, Frogwares.

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In order to know more about the conflict and how to help Ukraine’s people, please share the resources used here.

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