Animal Crossing Player Mods In new Pokemon Starters!

Pokemon decided to surprise us a little more than a week ago with a look at the most recent Pokemon Presents, the next mainline game, Scarlet & Violet. Even though new games are launched by the end of 2022, we still don’t know much about them. There’s been a great number of members of the Pokemon fan community taking little information that they’ve had, and running it anyway.

The first of the three new starters was the Pokemon of the Ninth Generation. Sprigatito, Fucecoco and Quaxly have quickly caught Pokemon’s hearts and what a rare example of a class where nothing is universally disliked. It’s not a first, but a long time for something to happen.

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This new trio is one of the hardest to remember and has just eight or seven months away from being able to pick one up and do one of these adventures. The doom choice of the left is the next best thing, however. They have created The Scarlet & Violet Starters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and showed off their incredible creation on Twitter.

Villagers can’t be naked, of course it’s not that kind of game, so the Pokemon have just a few different outfits. For Sprigatito, a nice flame shirt from the 1950’s for Fucecoco, and on the other hand, Quaxly is dressed as a sailor. The Duck Pokemon are basically the new outfit without halfway there. Doom desire has even popped them into the room that you often need to make your starter decision and equip it with some Pikis and a professor to give the whole thing a very genuine Pokemon feel.

Although Pokemon fans have decided to use a whole new generation of new starters, nobody is even more excited about Scarlet & Violet’s inhabitants. The next Pokemon game look of The People is very different, and many people don’t like it. Sword & Shield were widely liked in all the games, so the next generation in a drastic change is not too bad to look at.

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