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ANNO Mutationem: How To Change Outfits & Get More Clothes


This may not be the biggest RPG in terms of size, but it still comes with some character customization when it comes to appearance. If you’re wondering how to change Ann’s fashion, we’ve got the info. Here’s How to change outfits and get more clothes in ANNO: Mutationem.

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ANNO in Changing Outfits & Getting More Clothes: MUtationem

Ann will start the game with two main outfits: her sportswear and her battle suit. She’ll swap between these automatically, depending on whether or not the danger is around the time.

If you want to customize Ann’s outfit in casual moments, you can change clothes any room that would make sense, logically. These include Ann’s apartment, her room-back home in Margarita, and the clothing store in Noctis City.

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anno mutationem change clothes

You can expand Ann’s wardrobe by purchasing new clothing at her Noctis City clothing store after completing the mission where she receives a new dress thanks to Ayane.

This store functions a bit differently than others, though. Instead of using the regular currency, you’ll need to exchange the Cyber ​​Neko collectibles found throughout the game.

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That’s all you need to know about How to change outfits and get more clothes in ANNO: Muationem. Be sure to check out Twinfinite along with the related articles below to find out more about our coverage of the game.

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