ANNO Mutationem: How to Save Your Game


ANNO: Mutationem is a new cyberpunk action-adventure game from developer ThinkingStars, and it brings with it a plethora of 2D action combat with a number of involved missions. Keep the story going as you go. Here’s how to save in ANNO: Mutationem.

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Saving Your Game in ANNO: Mutationem

The game will be autosave frequently, but if you know exactly where you want to be and what gear you will have, then there are a couple ways to save money.

Manual save by using computers found in different parts of the world – like Ann’s apartment or Nakamura’s bar, The Sicilian Jar. There are also levels of computers inside and throughout the missions you’ll be undertaking.

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save anno mutationem

In addition to using a laptop, you can also save from spring water stations, which look like small pools. These pools will fully heal and allow you to travel fast, so they are much more valuable than computer save points overall.

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save anno mutationem

That’s about all you need to know how to save in ANNO: Mutationem. Be sure to search Twinfinite and check out the related articles below for more on our coverage of the game.

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