Apex Legends Saviors: Newcastle Abilities List


This new Legend brings a more defensive kit to the Apex Games, as he brings his teammates out of tough situations alive. For those looking to go into Season 13: Saviors as far as possible, here’s the Full list of Apex Legends in Newcastle’s Abilities.

Apex Legends in All Newcastle’s Abilities

Passive Ability – Retrieve the Wounded

Retrieve the Wounded Feeds into a “No One Left Behind” Mindset by giving Newcastle the ability to drag teammates down to safety. When he does this, a shield will appear to defend both him and the downed teammate.

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The Shield will have the same strength / rarity as Newcastle’s Knockdown Shield, so it’s a good idea to start pinging those in Season 13 when your squad. This is a reminiscent of Lifeline’s old revive shield, even though it serves a slightly different function and can actually be destroyed.

Tactical Ability – Mobile Shield

Newcastle can deploy a moving shield that protects anyone behind it as he advises. It’s an energy shield like Gibraltar’s, which means that enemies can walk through it if they’re close enough.

Unlike Gibraltar’s dome, though, the Mobile Shield can be destroyed in parts. There’s a top half and a bottom half that can be destroyed separately, so it’s not completely infallible. The shield can also be redeployed to change directions Newcastle presses the Tactical button / key at another location.

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Ultimate Ability – Castle Wall

Castle Wall lets Newcastle leap into the air and slam down a shield that can slow down enemies who touch it. There’s also an auto-lock feature that locks teammates as well, where you can leap to specific, selected teammates to reach their visor and plant them at a shield down.

This is perfect for aiding teammates who are stranded or end up in a tough situation when separated from the rest of the squad. Newcastle will leap into action and create cover to, hopefully, turn the tide of the situation.

That’s all you need to know about Apex Legends in all of Newcastle’s abilities. Read on to see what’s new in Season 13: Saviors, including map changes, ranked updates, and more before joining the fight.

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