Apex Legends Warriors Collection Event Adds Crypto Heirloom & Brings Back Control LTM


It’s time for another Collection Event in Apex Legends, and this time, the prize for gathering up all of the new cosmetics is a Crypto Heirloom. The Warriors Collection Event Lasts from Mar. 29 to Apr. 12, and it also adds a new arena map, reward tracker, and bring back the Control 9v9 mode.

Control is returning with a new Kings Canyon map. Matches will be played in and around the Caustic Treatment POI. Meanwhile, the new Arenas map, Drop Off, is set in an entirely new Hammond facility location that is separate from the main maps available.

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You ‘ll be able to drop this event matches with Crypto’s Heirloom – a retractable sword – if you manage to unlock all of the banners, skins, and other cosmetics in the collection.

You can check out the trailer for the Warriors Collection Event right here to see a bunch of new skins, the new Arenas map, the Heirloom, and more.

Finally, Respawn has also outlined a number of patch notes in regards to Control, the G7 Scout and Hop-Up spawn rates in their blog post today.

In Control, the turbocharger has been added to Gold Tier. The G7’s ammo reserves have improved from 120 to 140, with increased spawn rates for the Hammerpoint Rounds and Kinetic Feeder, and the spawn rate of the Deadeye’s Tempo, Shatter Caps, and Boosted Loader.

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Apex Legends Season 12 is well underway at this point, but if you haven’t played any matches yet, be sure to check out what’s new this season to catch up.

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