Arknights: Endfield Revealed With New Trailer & Intriguing Gameplay


Hypergryph just unveiled the next installment of the popular Arknights franchise, titled Arknights: Endfield.

Hypergryph just unveiled the next installment of the popular Arknights franchise, titled Arknights: Endfield.

The game is defined as a “real-time 3D RPG with strategic elements.” and we get to see a cinematic trailer and the first tidbit of gameplay. That being said, we hear that this is an early development build.

The game is coming for PC, iOS, and Android, and we know it’ll have a global release, but we don’t know when it’s coming just yet.

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Below you can enjoy the videos, alongside an official description.

“Welcome to Talos-II, a dangerous planet rife with catastrophes and risks. The first pioneers toiled for years to establish a foothold. Settlements and nomadic cities sheltered by massive walls formed a new foundation for our civilization. But the vast wildlands and uninhabited territories stretching far beyond the colonies of the Habitable Band have yet to be surveyed. As such, most of this world remain untamed.

Expansion and exploration are unchanging themes that go hand-in-hand with progress.

Originium engines rumble in the wildlands while automated construction machinery work around the clock to deploy new industry complex production lines. You will lead a professional team of Endfield Industries operators.

Explore this world, conquer this land, recover lost technologies, and unearth secrets hidden within the abandoned ruins. Welcome to Talos-II and your new home at Endfield Industries.

A new era of change has dawned upon this ancient world. Time to make your choice. Good luck. ”

The Protocol Field Recovery Department (PFRD) was once the most essential core organization of Endfield Industries. PFRD responsibilities included: recovering lost techno-protocols, exploring Old Era ruins, reverse-engineering salvaged technologies, and applying them in actual production. Several years ago, an “unexpected conflict” destroyed the PFRD headquarters. Numerous PFRD personnel as well as the departmental director were amongst the casualties. This incident dealt a severe blow to Endfield Industries and forced it to temporarily suspend tech recovery operations.

However, as various facts on Talos-II rebooted efforts to explore the ruins, Supervisor Perlica was tasked to lead and re-organize the PFRD. By integrating large numbers of PFRD protocol equipment, the Endfield Engineering Center (EFEC) successfully developed the Automated Industry Complex (AIC). The AIC is a system that utilizes a teleportal tech to rapidly deploy power generators, production facilities, and other industrial infrastructure for wildland pioneers to expand upon.

The PFRD deliberately chose to demonstrate the reliability of the AIC teleportal tech at Valley IV – the most inhospitable and poorest region of the frontier. If this barren waste can be converted into an operational base, the lands that lie beyond will be open for exploration.

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