As a content creator, interviews are being made with Caedrel. For example, this is the season that Excel make playoffs, but instead of losing, I promise it is not my fault

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Known British League of Legends streams and LEC caster, Marc Caedrel Lamont, has returned to Excel Esports today as a content creator. His role in the LEC is equally important. How can he work with his old organization, where he played two years and what is his view of the new Excel 2022? Dom Sacco catches up with Caedrel over all this and more.

What Excel said to resign Caedrel as a content creator after being signed by an Excel / and now the production of a content book is a matter of time.

Before we enter the interview, Excel said that signing Caedrel again is a welcome return as he will look to bolster the brand’s content output and engagement.

As an official Excel content creator, Caedrel will stream, create YouTube content and interact with its four players on social networks, adding Excel.

Wouter Sleijffers, director of Excel Esports, commented on how Caedrel became an integral part of the Excel brand, and as soon as we began to partner, we promised we would stay in contact. Caedrel is a multi-talent and a successful esports player in the world. He has been amazing to see how he transformed into a player. We’re excited about the reunion. I think I’m excited to see what we can do together.

Esports News UK: Caedrel, please grate on playing Excel again. What is it like to be a member of them again?

Caedrel: It’s kind of weird, so I can’t play. And every time I think about Excel I think that I can play is pretty cool. I think many people still there who have known me even since I became very familiar with them.

Since I started my career in college, I know that my time in the community is always important to me, so I am very excited to be returning. I’m still continuing my LEC casting duties, with my role at Excel being an independent endeavour where I can explore my passion for streaming and content creation.

What are your thoughts on the new Excel without Kieran or Joel there, but with Tim Reichert making some changes and bringing Mikyx in etc?

I’ve worked with Tim Reichert before another team was Schalke in 2017 and he was the head of it, so I started working with him before and it’s a familiar face.

The team is a lot different now. I think Excel did a lot of brand changes while I was there, the company wanted to find their identity and what it wanted to become a brand. Obviously, there was something fresh to the LEC, therefore there were many ideas floating around in terms of what to expect from being a player.

Now, I think they have settled on a brand that works really well for them. The Mikyx one has gotten quite large. As you can see at their performance in the league, they have immense success. Many of the other games I have taken seriously by yourself.

Is this the year that Excel will make playoffs?

I think it’s that way. If I spoke with the players, I thought of it, but it was actually. Maybe I’ll break them and make them go 0-6.

We will never get better on our responsibilities on the LEC. While we will always compliment good league of legends and criticize bad league of legends, no matter who is playing “Linter-sited” is “Let them throw out playoffs” from the sidelines “supreme and gooe”

Marc (@Caedrel) February 28, 2022.

(Question asked ahead of Excels match on February 25th) For me, it seems like there could be five teams finishing above Excel, but Vitality and Mad Lions haven’t been playing as well as they should. If Excel keeps the championships, what team do you think will do in the top six?

I think Mad won’t probably make it. They look really shaky. The off-season was pretty good by them, there was some question marks around the AD Carry, but I think this team really has no clear identity on the subject of what is going on with the games. Many pro players have a similar story on this team.

Maybe they can turn it around, because I mean they have the coaching staff to do it, but I think it’s too late. They must win this weekend; but if they win this weekend, they’ll be able to win this weekend. I think that a second grade vs. Mad will determine who goes to the playoffs.

When this announcement comes out, do you think you’ll get a lot of memes on social media saying that Caedrel has rejoined Excel, now they’re doomed?

Yes, he’s also gonna throw my own back! I’ll be into the joke of course. It’s pretty funny obviously I don’t have any relation to the League side of Excel it has no impact from me – I’m not here to. If they don’t lose, I promise it isn’t my fault this time.

But yeah, I hope that they do it, because that would be interesting to see.

I interviewed you last, Caedrel, in 2017, when you played with Schalke and obviously, life has changed a lot since then. How did the Caedrel ask the Caedrel of today in this interview?

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That’s a good question. That interview was four years ago almost five years ago and I was totally different from that person. When I first met with the LEC, I had a very strong relationship.

What would I ask myself about now? Maybe I would teach myself how to cook so I wouldn’t have had to order every day as a pro. That would’ve been nice. And despite the laughs, I asked myself whats going on, and Id answer: It’s going really good, just keep doing it, don’t you say anything in your mind and try to make it happen every moment to be worth it?

But life has always different possibilities. I think I was very worried that if I’m not a pro, what am I going to do? There was that pressure I had on my shoulders a lot of time, when I realized what was it like if I wasn’t doing anything. What if Im kicked and doesn’t work out in a team or league? After all, the growth became crazy with the cast, and now I feel like I have no better the opportunity to perform anymore. I feel more like an actual person than an individual who wants to know more about him – if only I can’t play soccer every day.

I was just beginning to join Vitality, but leaving me with casting after a year would have been foolish. I kind of want to stop making casting on an level head and a little nice, Yep, casting was fun, I enjoy my multiple years of being able to do it, now its time for a new chapter in coaching that is more than to sit on the same side. After I was done with casting, I’ll probably be done fully.

When did you find out that the broadcaster-style games were viable alternative for you, if you can pursue it – outside playing? As far as I recall, you made an appearance at the LEC as a guest to begin.

Thanks to one guest who cast for 10 minutes, and two other casters for fun. I don’t know if Riot wanted me to do that first, because in other words, everyone already did it. I think this was new. When I were addressing the community, the whole community asked me to speak. Then it helped me out, but I was overwhelmed with your support.

I realized how fun it was to do casting. I reached out to [UK caster] Excoundrel and said: Hey, when I finish my LEC weekend on Saturdays, would you like to sit down and play a couple of minutes of casting together, so I’d be more of a good fit for practice? I know that no one’s better, but I can’t do it without a better one.

And he was kind enough to say yes 100%, I will help you whenever you need.

I had Quickshot and Excoundrel helping me.

Then I made my Worlds debut in 2020, which was completely unrealistic. The community was somewhat disoriented in the casting scene. Deficio left, where I can show more complicated what happened on the map. And this was a hard learning, because you must learn how to say it in a digestible language where people could take it along. Nevertheless, I’m not sure that the middle is on me.

How do you go from a smaller player to a well known streamer and LEC talent? It was a very wild ride for you!

I started streaming in Worlds 2020, when I was rumoured to be a bit lazy. I played games of the age of 50 – 100 people and the age of 50. I really didn’t think much about the streaming.

I think people liked the stream because I was a personality-style person, I also played in very high elo with all the pros, I couldn’t be a pro player, so I could get to talk with fans a lot.

Many people ask me why or how I succeeded, and I cannot know. My mindset is not perfect. If I don’t do anything, then I have to do something. So this was a very bad thing that I noticed at the end of the year when I got caught up in two 200 hours last year, which was about five hours a day on average. It wasn’t until then that I was watching the news. If I’m sitting at home or I’m away from the LEC or I don’t do anything, then I’ll simply walk outside.

My husband is the man that said he ‘would, my mother will probably take your advice. I am going to do something whenever I don’t have time for work. For now, I don’t need to download anything but another stream.

You consider me very honest and profound, whereas some streamers can be seen as a little more or less as a cult individual. Do you think it’s part of your success?

It’s not all about openness and honesty, isn’t it? Whether I don’t really hide behind PR, or if something goes wrong somewhere, or people want an answer on it that’s always to me. Perhaps, if you are a pro, or if something was a pro, and then I won’t say a lot, I will say “you did something good and want to work on that a little and don’t say “no, you’re a bit tired and need to make sure we get it together now.”

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Don’t beat around the bush about this one. But sometimes that can be a bad thing, because then you get a slap on the wrist, what I have had several times, but we will not get into it. I guess that’s just that.

Caedrel you were linked to a coaching role at Team Vitality which you finally rejected. But is it really something you could see yourself doing in the future?

Yeah. I still have a very big competitive itch. I watch a lot of LD, LCK and LPL all the time and I know always how to help these teams.

I just want to implement so many ideas that I can’t really share with anyone. I can give strong views of the game, but I say it doesn’t do anything, rather it showed it does. Doing whatever I can talk about myself? It’s difficult to prove that I can walk.

I’m quite close to joining Vitality, but leaving casting after one year would have been silly, as long as I can come back. I wanna leave after a big smile, yep. I had a fun time, and I enjoyed multiple years casting. Since long ago, a new chapter is needed, not so much like taking the two and doing as much as just one thing, dread to do that and doing that, and then back to casting, or perhaps two years in coaching, then I’ll return to casting.

So when I will finish casting, I’ll probably be done, in full. I don’t know if I’ll stop this year, because I really enjoy it and the streaming is going very well. I think a lot of people have better schedules now than last year. So maybe this year, or it’s the year after that, I’m not so sure yet. If an opportunity arises, if a team has great players that I respect often, and even when they don’t find themselves playing a fulltime game winner, so I’ll take it, yes, because it’s not just possible to keep up with those kinds of opportunities, but wait.

Excel is all about the power of a better man, the ethos of the success, this time. Your streams are very popular but are there any things that you want to change with them or change the landscape in the future, or that’s the case of it aint broke, don’t fix that?

Yeah probably [the latter] — I want to keep up with what I do. I think what I’m doing is really working well. I have that set schedule for co-streaming a lot of areas that I like to watch.

I study football a lot, and I think a lot of my viewers like watching this and study with me. Besides, many of my streams are just: wake up, watch Korean or Chinese football all day up to around 3 and 4 o’clock, and then maybe play a game or two. That’s basically all my streams.

For example, if you turn on a stream, or even the discussion of some games from the LEC or the LCS, or even the discussion about anything, and, essentially, anything, a League-related affair.

I am really honest in everything, no matter what it is. I don’t really hide behind the PR statements. If anything goes wrong, or people need to tell you I’ll give it. Should it come from a fan, or a kid, I won’t say, I don’t think that you’re okay and need to work on this a bit. I think you’re so tired you aren’t trying to make it happen now.

There were a lot of channels which were carrying clips from your streams. I know that asmongold worked on one of the channel’s caretakers, did you do the same?

Yeah, I did that. I went to the clip channel and said: If you give me exclusive rights, you have the right to do it for me under the Caedrel brand, not just copyright anyone else who does it.

Because there were at least 10 different clip channels. And they had clips with 100,000 or 200,000 views of me saying random stuff, and I was kind of like, hang on; that is my content I guess I should have somebody do that. I am honest, I don’t pay all the clips, and the clip channel is fine, so I reached a place called LoL Drama, who did a lot of league clips.

I said, Hey, you can have the YouTube channel, and everything, you should also have everything under CaedrelClips. Would you be so dumb?

And they said yes. So they do that for me, which is really awesome, and so the trade-off is that they do all the Caedrel clips and put them on TikTok, so that also benefits me, in terms of exposure, and because it works for them, which is cool.

I like you did recently with the EPA. We will see more Caedrelverse in the future? Tell us another part of the Caedrelverse that could have happened if your career had gone in another direction.

(The ducks) I guess there’s a lot of different Caedrelverses. Perhaps one would be that Id be with Vitality right now, or one where I never had swappered from the affluent lane to jungle, I always wondered what that kind of world was like a fad. I never ever worked for a moment.

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When I was young, I wanted to go to the RAF, and become a pilot. I benefited from basic training but never got involved. I have very much fear of getting injections and went to the doctor, so I didn’t meet my expectations. If you want it, it’s a little secret. I was 16 or 17 years old and didn’t feel like this. Why didn’t I do that merely because it was that I did it. And that is what made me a pro.

I guess my fear of needles made me work as a content creator.

You joined DRX last year as a streamer. How long did you represent a org and remember to a narrate that I may’ve missed before joining Excel?

They fetched this DRX stuff poorly. This is how it works. To mix the LCK with the LCK, you must make up a team. So a license is granted for LCK teams where they can watch the LCK.

I never joined them on an official contract to stream or produce them content, they just gave me their license and I would watch their games, that was the trade-off. I never really put the energy into trying to change the narrative around it, but I was never really a content creator for DRX. I was just having his license, and they let me watch their games, and instead I work with DRX for the western audience.

What does the deal with Excel include, can they get a logo on your stream? I’d love to know how you’ll work with them and promote them.

There are some ideas in the pipe. I’ll become part of Excel, part of the Excel brand. I will really like that til the end of a two-year-old.

There’s a lot of casters in there, especially in Valorant, who, when I first noticed that they were content creators or influencers or streamers for organisation, then they also cast over, then the first instinct was that that person in the public perception would think that there’s something of natural bias going on?

I cant speak in their name, but I think the industry and the personalities are professional enough to make people think themselves all the same. For me, I love League of Legends, and against bad League of Legends. Even though I play better than my best friend or my brother, or the other way in this case Excel, I always feel high-headed when it comes to these things.

I’ll become part of Excel, you’ll see more of me going with Excel and it is nice to see you, we can bounce from them to build different brands.

I know some other casters work with the most orgs, such as Troubleinc and the work she’s doing with SK Gaming. Some people have considered the objectivity of a caster that also creates content for orgs, have you thought about this?

Maybe people on the surface will always say that if Im doing the ball, and I celebrate it, they’ll say Caedrel’s experience in Excel is a bias. I will celebrate good plays at that time. And if it’s really bad that Excel plays a bad game, but it will certainly be bad play.

I think there’s a divide, and when you are on the LEC the divide comes into place, and when you’re not on the LEC, it’s been removed.

Then we’ll get into the ship of: Oh my god, Caedrel is so biased!

I hope so, I am not expecting them but I am still getting ready for it.

What are your general views on the game and how they feel that League of Legends will evolve in 2022 and 2023?

I think it’s a bit late now, when it comes to drafts and picks. But I think it’s every year. As you look back at that year, we had the Hecarim meta for 5 to 6 weeks. I think spring break as a whole tends to be a lot longer stale, because what happens is Riot puts out a very big patch before Worlds. And that is when things turn out to be very interesting. Then you return to a stale spring split. So things are relatively similar to the weather, so I think it’s going to be a lot more enjoyable and dynamic, when the winter breaks on the whole, it will be much more fun and dynamic.

Everybody knows what they’re playing with and how they’re doing.

What are your opinion on the Irish/Ireland/Nords European Regional League, NLC? I guess you don’t have much time to watch the ERLs as well. We have Alphari and xMatty as British players in the LEC, so what does your opinion about UK League mean in the moment?

This was an intense discussion, because you can not relate to performance, as the NLC was in both EU Masters Finals last year, with Fnatic and Excel. I guess the fanbases aren’t there or just untapped.

More to follow.

It’s possible to follow Caedrel on Twitter and Twitter here.

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