Asmongold criticizes the recent situation where casual WoW raiders are located

Over the course of more than one hundred and a half years the level of solitary raids has drastically changed the world of Warcraft. And as the most popular content creator asmongold says, it’s even more difficult.

Asmongold explained at the beginning of the video to his viewers today that he posted an online video of his experience with a pick-up group called the First Men of Sepulcher.

Asmon noted that some of the games are more complex than previous raids, but not always from the old raids that players have encountered over the years.

He said this is exactly the same thing I had seen before.

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But his biggest criticism was the more focused on the average raiding experience of working away from a guild or community. On the contrary, the raiding scene is filled with people who are too focused on the game and looking for their personal benefit.

Nowadays, even if you look, a person is impossible to find, he said. Alliance is particularly bad.

He then blasted in detail how a hypothetical man might find himself in a raid group that could be stalled for an extended time by playing a revolving AFK game.

And anyone who tried to find a raid on retail WoW – now a few years ago, a newbie probably knows exactly what Asmon is talking about.

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