Available Now: Character Transfer Bundles

When you can transfer your character or character to the Payment Transfer Service, join new friends or old friends in their latest adventures in Azeroth. You can now buy two-dimensional transfers at a discount or order the cost or the cost of it.

Depending on the price, you can transfer cars to other parties.

  • For 1 dollar or more, please.
  • 3 for $ 50.00.
  • Eight for 6 dollars.

A free order for a limited time offer.

Often limited time and a temporary charge will be granted. ** Save an additional 30% if you purchase 1 or 3 character transfers. During this sale, the normal 6-character transfer bundle is replaced with an 8-character transfer package at the same price as the regular 6-character transfer bundle for $ 80.00. There are 6 characters for two additional payment terms. As soon as the sale is over, this bundle becomes easier and reverts to the normal six-character transfer package.

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How do you feel it works!

After purchasing the Character Transfers you can find in the Battle.net store or in the in-game shop, a new icon is showing how many Character Transfers are available. On the other hand, you will be able to activate the transfer by clicking on the token, then select the character and the destination you want. Where any unused money is generated, it’ll remain on your account for the next time you decide to use them.

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Would you like to make a move? Buy Free Character Transfers from the Battle.net shop or launch the World of Warcraft and clicking on the button “Shop” on the character selection screen.

* Not Available for Modern World of Warcraft. Characters can’t be replaced between World of Warcraft and WoW Classic.
** End of Sales Expires March 8:20 o’clock.

Sources: Blizzard.

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