Avalorant Patch 4.04 Notes Reveal Major Controller Buffs / nerfs, Yoru Rework, Icebox Changes

Following is the latest update from the fourth episode of Valorants’ latest update, Patch 4.04. It’s a nip. Brimstone and Omen for a spook to reveal today’s patch notes, while Astra and Viper have been nerfed, which should get more balance in the games pool of controller agent services. The much-anticipated Yoru rework has finally arrived, and the Icebox, a map that has been ignored for its one-dimensional design, has undergone a major overhaul.

Here is the full list of notes on the bug.

Agent Changes


A new system was used to locate targeted ground locations. This update should help you find the right spaces in close proximity. These abilities are affected:

  • A cross of the center at Omens Stepped Up.
  • Vipers pit
  • The Chamber Trademark and the Rendezvous Shows are the same.
  • Killjoy has all the ability to fight them.
  • Yorus Gatecrash
  • Sages can’t get into a bar.


Dark Cover

  • The low rises 30 and 40 respectively.
  • Cost increased 100 >>>> 150.
  • Projectile Speed ​​increased 230 gts; andgts; andgts 6400.

Shrouded Step

  • The cost of the same 2,000 tbs is 900 tbs, the cost of the year is 100 per cent less than it costs.
  • Previously Delayed Teleportation Decreased 1,> and gt ;, 0,7s>;


  • As a consequence, players can hit a forward spawn by hitting the Omen more.


Sky Smoke

  • 2 >>>> Ploy time of 1 second decreased amount.
  • A radius of 5,000 km / h led up to 5500 km / h.
  • Smoke height increases to match other controllers’ expectations.
  • Stim Beacon now also delivers a 15% speed boost on your next moves, besides RapidFire.



  • Max Stars reduced 5 >>>> 4.
  • The Frothing Retrieving a Star increased 14 >> and 25>
  • Astra can now pick up the stars during the purchase phase to refund their charge.
  • Where a Star was placed 10000 / gtt / ed. 30 000, she took the maps of the furthest corners on the Stars.

Gravity Well

  • A cooldown has risen 25.
  • Gravity Well Size Lowered 525 – GTC (GTC) 475
  • Gravity Well Doesn’t Affect Anybody Fully Underneath The Gravity Well.

Nova Pulse

  • Airflow stayed low from 25 to 45.
  • The Nova Pulse doesn’t touch anyone more fully.


  • Change grew from seven> and two>
  • Nebula cooled downs are now sequential instead of sequential.
  • The size of the Nebula has grown from 410 to 475 o’clock.

Astral Form

  • Thoughts on the Astral form, the pings are not blocked yet by the level geometry that Astra can see without seeing.
  • Astral targeting is reduced to one ring that reflects the now unified size of all her utility.
  • Astras targeting ring no longer disappears randomly when certain maps locations.
  • Increased speed of the overlay that covers the transitions into and out of the astral screen.
  • Fixed a problem where the Stars were slightly higher than the land where Astra was targeting.
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  • Fuel drain has jumped 50% when both Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud are active.
  • The drive up fuel bar is red when she doesn’t have enough fuel to turn up her capabilities.

Toxic Screen

  • The heat from activating increased 6 >>> deactivating after 8.
  • The timer started turning on the smoke, not when the telegraph starts to turn blue.
  • It has a decreased 1 >>>. 8.
  • Toxic screen has yellow lights that are a cold when the time comes.
  • The Viper is suppressed when the Toxic Screen has a delay on the removal.
  • Added a unique VO line that plays when her smoke is disabled by suppressing.

Poison Cloud

  • When the tuit stops oxygen, then its temperature rose to eight inches.
  • The timer starts to start when her smoke starts to dissipate instead of the deactivation telegraph’s play.
  • In response to the deactivation delay, the delay is reduced by two> and gt; .8.
  • The Poison Orb is cool when it shows yellow light.
  • When the Viper is suppressed, the Poison Orb disabling on the delay.
  • Add a single VO line, that plays when her smoke is disbalanced by suppressor.

Snake Bite

  • Duracity decreased by 6.5%.



  • The cost of this is reduced from 2> to 1 & gt.
  • 1050 HP.
  • Decoy is now a full running version of Yoru and can only be sent ahead of time.
  • Left-click to press the decoration on the spot.
  • Re-active, like footsteps, to create the dumbler that’s progressing.
  • Upon taking damage an enemy gun, the decoy winds up, and a slight delay with the enemy mthat shot it and explodes.
  • When a grenade has escaped, a wolf appears to have escaped.


  • There were charges for 1 and 2 & gt.
  • Cost: 200 Credits.
  • Cooldown charge refreshed, and switched back to 2nd dose reset.
  • Gatecrash can be faked by pressing F while hovering over the beacon.
  • If a computer fails, this can be a video and portal image like a computer.
  • Time it took for teleport beacon has decreased by 2,5 – 8 kilos (as far as a gtt) and 0,5 kilos (as long as they were a normal speedometer).
  • A teleport beacon and a sound recording device while traveling has been reduced to 20,5 ml and 12,5 ml while a computer is traveling.
  • The speed of the telecommunications beacon was a lot higher.
  • The beacon generates a small decal over the ground for thirty seconds before the fake teleport of the location.

Dimensional Drift

  • Duration increased 8 >>> 10 seconds.
  • Yoru cannot be seen as enemies.
  • After the destruction, the delay time increased by 0.6%, gt.
  • All the utility that Yoru can turn to his ultimate power.
  • The Yorus footpath is now within 15 meters of Yorus’s headquarters.
  • Cast Delayed Dimensional Drift, which prevents casting on an invulnerable frame.
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Map Updates


Some items of the world can be taken from the lower box now (for example, you had to double jump from the lower box to see it)


  • Changes from orange to green lane focus on enhanced attacker options and putting the space into play more enjoyable.
  • The first cubby to be moved to the Green Lane on the spawning building to the Doorway. This is a new way of giving attackers new ways of approaching the green, instead of having two similar positions to enter.
  • The green lane is slightly widened, which makes this area much more comfortable with moving to.
  • B site and snowman easier to see and understand in Yellow Pocket near the pocket.

B Site Reworking – Rework Project.

  • The B site of the rework is focused on keeping the emphasis on the site more accessible and more organized.
  • The Yellow Container adjusted and the new stack of crates added. As players moved into the Icebox, many rounds revolve around the yellow while anchoring. This change should allow Yellow to retain some power while adding more value to its holding space.
  • Removed upper container, and geometry adjusted into a cubby facing green. The upper container widened on the doorway, and in the position it was placed widened. This should allow players to isolate the fights around the site for better and more meaningful utility.
  • Under the left side of the ground and the one at the front, the man at the right side can use more and more control engineers to worry about their utility without worrying about it.
  • Building on the hut B close to our enemies Want to encourage attackers to push further and hold more space. It’s better for players to anchor themselves than to close the building with Snowman. I think that it is better to use B Fence to reduce the rotation.
  • Plant Zone on the Plant Zone Adjusting this change will encourage more diversity and maintain a bit more robustness than ever. Now you can plant the bridge, as well as the entangle from the kitchen. The changes to mid-range at a wide range of eyes and a more comfortable space to play.
  • The kitchen of the back wall has been adjusted. This space should help make this space more comfortable and allow players to easily clear this space.
  • To prevent the crossing into the lane of the Orange, the particles were crates added to remove the invisible signs and make the sky open from the invisible.
  • Boiler ramp geo simplified and somewhat narrowed. Smokes are now covered by Boiler and other substances.
  • Players should find the head ramps from the ramp more predictable.
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A Site

  • Since Sites can seemingly defenders, this will give them some new options and allow them to better isolate attacker angles.
  • Adjusted back on cover. This change should give the Defender some extra space to take an anchor.
  • To get the most out of the crowd, the cross was pulled. Where Attackers Can Be Ascend From a location can seem overwhelming. That change should allow the Defenders to better isolate where the threats come from.
  • I shouldn’t stop at the doorway A.

Competitive Updates

  • Starting testing a new mapping system in LATAM. The goal of this system is to expand the variety of maps players encounter. If there is no problem, we plan to activate this system in two days and a week in all areas. Since this is the only LATAM area, we are not putting it here so far as possible to expand this area. Stay tuned for updates to VALORANT channels.
  • Detection by Random to Match: Using a Map Following Rules.
  • The system will look at all the maps that players have played over the last five times in this mode.
  • The system will remove any maps that a player has played twice in the past five years.
  • The most played map of The System’s going to pick.
  • If all of the maps have been removed from the pool by the 2nd played rule, then they will be taken back to the pool, and then the least played map will be picked up.



  • Fixed problem where enemies are trigger Cyphers in rare cases of trapwire.
  • Astral form of planted in Astra as it is fixed for spike.
  • This bug would give the Vipers Toxic Screen audio an option to play in the next round if it was activated right on.
  • Brimstones targeting map on a white circle.
  • A bug where a Chambers teleport might fail when a drop has gone. Added a small piece of paper, the fire had just stopped and the incoming headhunter bullet.
  • Fixed a bug where Chambers Tour de Force would spawn inconsistency slow zones when firing at KAY / O during NULL / CMD.


  • Escalation game mode in AFKs with fixed an issue.

Esports Features

Fixed a bug where the timer would overlap itself while viewing the megap as an observer.

Game Systems

Fixed a problem where you could tap the scroll wheel so you can activate the defused audio without creating a defuse.

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