Bandai Namco working on PC performance, PS5 save issues

Patches are on the way to help fix some early Elden Ring woes

Elden Ring is out, and it has already become the Most popular game in townGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Players have not been having some issues though, especially with performance on PC. Publisher Bandai Namco has apologized for those, and is outlining the fixes on the way.

In a new updateBandai Namco addresses the performance issues players are seeing in Elden RingGeneral Chat Chat Lounge There has already been a launch patch, addressing a few concerns. But Bandai Namco says it’s “currently experiencing some issues that are preventing the game from playing properly under some conditions.” The publisher apologizes and asks for patience as it works on several items.

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Those items include several PC fixes, like mouse sensitivity and issues with Easy Anti-Cheat on Steam. As far as performance goes on PC, Bandai Namco addresses performance-related issues and says it is “constantly working” to improve the game so it can be played on different PCs. The publisher also recommends updating your graphics card drivers.

A PlayStation 5 problem is also preventing saves from being made correctly if the console turns off unexpectedly. While the PS5 save issue is being worked on, Bandai Namco suggests that unless it’s addressed, you should regularly quit the game.

The Elden Ring The publisher is also working on “a few other” bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Technical and performance issues aside, Elden Ring Has had a glowing reception from players. Our own review and others have lauded its open-world approach to the Souls formula. Anecdotally, I’ve experienced some of these stutters and performance issues on my PC, even with updated drivers. That didn’t really stop me from venturing across the Lands Between to find glory, fame, adventure, and new ways to shoot out of my hands.

Bandai Namco’s working on it, though no window has been specified for when these fixes will arrive.

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