Battlefield 2042 pulls Russian Helicopter Skin – “In Light Of Current Events” – “Sinkering With Current Developments -“ Currents ”-“ Kill With A Smile And A Smile ”

The Grindle that was re-retired has been completely removed.

Battlefield 2042 is the last week of development and the launching of a limited-release skin that features a smiling attack helicopter for games Russian faction, deciding that it’s the best time to give players such rewards.

For a few years, the beleaguered online shooter has been offering special rewards to players who can complete certain weekly challenges under the guise of specialists, and sometimes skins for weapons and vehicles. The question skin last week, called The Grin Reaper, showed a cheerful smile on Earth, based on the iconic shark tooth custom that dates back to World War II. Once it went live and events in Ukraine deteriorated quickly, it was started.

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This is a huge move from the developers of DICE to anyone who looks at this skin, but has created a strange precedent where this particular item was found to be in poor taste, but in the rest of the game itself, which features an aggressive, near-future Russia , as one of only two factions that players have a 50% chance of winning every match.

The removed skin has been replaced; Someone booting up the game will see a screen on a blank area where a player will likely progress to a weekly current reward. DICE says weekly missions will return later this week, and haven’t ruled out that skin being re-listed at a later date.

This is also the third time that Battlefield 2042’s skins have been made since the news. First there was a skin that was directly related to the Annexation of Russia in 2014, when the little Green Men, unmarked Russian Special Forces units, who were allowed to brief Vladimir Putin, were actually local insurgents, and therefore it wasn ‘ t a clear and overt annexation of foreign territory.

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After Christmas some gamers got mad that holidays would feature Santa Claus carrying an assault rifle, then another Gamers mad that DICE yanked the skin after blowback. Everything was awful.

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