Beautiful Pixel Art Adventure Unreal Life Goes On iOS, Coming To Android Within A Few Days

Back in the month of December, the pixel art adventure game Unreal Life (6.99 dollars) from hako life and room6 was announced to mobile platforms. At that time, I heard about a lot of friends who played on PC and Nintendo Switch. Shaun made the short cover from TGS 2018. The day was at iOS at least for release. One girl lost one’s memory, but only one name is madonna. With a traffic light, so can you read and touch your objects. Unreal Life is released worldwide on the iOS app. The Android version will come in a few days. Watch the video trailer below of Unreal Life.

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Unreal Life has always been good at trailers, and you can play it for six, 99 dollars on iOS. Unreal Life costs $ 22.99 on the Nintendo Switch and $ 19.99 on Steam. You can get it on the App Store for iOS here and also on the Google Play for Android here. Look out for the official English website Unreal Life here. I’m going to play this week on the iPad. Have you played Unreal Life on the Nintendo Switch or PC? Are you going to buy it on mobile?

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