Berserker sunk 100 Thieves, led to success in 2022, LCS in Spring Split, and Cloud9 in 2010

Cloud 9 and 100 Thieves, two organizations who have dominated the LCS history, have faced a lot of disagreements and discontents from their internal affairs to the opening of the door. The two teams failed to prove they deserved their place in the standings and joined Rift for the first time in the Spring Split.

Putting their recent controversies behind, C9 swept through 100Ts defenses to become the top LCS. The team is now on the first place with Team Liquid, but the position of the team could be changed following the results of the competition which was delayed yesterday.

The Turnaround with Cloud 9! #LCS @ Cloud9 #CMS #LCS.

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LCS (@LCSOfficial) February 26, 2022.

Before the match, a package featuring a broadcast featuring Summit demonstrated his admiration of ssumday’s lane opponent. However, Summit had to sooner place Ssumday behind him for his respect. He would be fighting Ssumdays Irelia and the two skirmish into the first level until the thrown headfirst.

I’ll give you a chance at a moment. After two teamfights, an ex-C9s blue buff made sure the 100Ts were off their eyes. He’d put his tattered enemies before he hated the coveted hellbreaker for gold. He and Berkerser tried to maintain this lead even further. Seeing that they caught 100T in their jungle and reminded them that they were in the wrong part of the Rift, they continued to seek more.

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With Fudge and Blaber taking on the team fights, Berserker got the space to snipe his opponents without fear of any obstacles. He went away from the game within 10/0 / 5KDA, and maintained his undefeated undeveloped streak on the Aphelios quickly becoming the C9 puzzle of the pivotal pieces of the LCS that split.

The clock opened again a week later with the departure of LS. Their drafts look much more standard than the Split, yet the team again looks like they’ve been so successful in the LCS for years. Summit, Berserker, and Winsome continue to show that they are fresh faces to North America, their gameplay allows them to be the region’s most experienced talent, and Blaber and Fudge are more than capable of supporting their new teammates.

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C9 now tie-up with Liquid at 6-2. The first round of LCS Super Week on July 9th is FlyQuest for a short match. Deflation, where they will fight each other in a relegation battle. Dignitas against a match with The Weekend Ends.

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