Best Fortnight Aim Practice Course Codes – New Courses & More!

Ask any new or upcoming FPS player what their biggest problem is and you can probably hear the “target”. Playing against real men in Fortnight is usually the best medicine for this, but if you constantly fail to reach the goal, you will spend a lot of time dying in baptism by fire. Many players are waiting impatiently for a way to enhance their gameplay performance and practice their shots in reaching the goal.

Well, some sympathetic players have definitely noticed your plight. Using Fortnite’s stunning Creative Mode, players have outgrown their way of creating multiple Aim practice courses. Our Codes of the best Fortnite Aim practice courses The guide contains different elements, each of which has a different element of armed combat or combat situation, perfect for training!

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Best Fortnight goal practice Course codes

Here are the codes for all the best Fortnite Aim practice courses. New courses are gaining popularity every day, so bookmark this page to stay up to date with new course codes when they are added to our ‘Best’ list!

  • 0631-4923-5407 – Elite Squad – Aim Shooter
  • 3411-8390-0877 – The Bow Gun Game
  • 4827-0257-7982 – Season 6 warm-up
  • 9403-6746-6607 – Training Center
  • 9354-4652-0704 – AIM Island
  • 7264-2987-8032 – Season 8 warm-up
  • 0302-3674-9098 – Find Slayer – Primal Survival
  • 2732-3053-0999 – Trickshot Death Run – Got Aim Pt. 3
  • 8022-6842-4965 – Skavok goal training
  • 2544-9478-3276 – Chicken aim practice
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What to expect in each Fortnight Aim Practice course

Elite Squad – Target Shooter: The whole idea of ​​this practice course is to hone your target skills in a spaceship as you reach your destination. So, this training course is a perfect start for a simple gaming session with your friends.

The Bow Gun Game: Fortnite gun games are a great way to sharpen specific skills with specific weapons and this course is no different. Every time you kill, your weapon changes and in the Bo Gun game, each weapon is like a kind of bow, so it’s good to hit a few bulls to do well here!

Season 6 Warmup: Worm-up maps are not usually part of our practice courses, however, so this special cut will allow you to use and improve multiple skills that are beneficial in a complete game such as weapon swap, 1v1, fast-. Moving opponent kills, long-range bow shots and many others. Another interesting feature of this course is that it is an outdoor, active training ground unlike the indoor range shooting complexes.

Training Center: Created by season 6 warm-up man, this training ground has a great selection of all well-known training and warm-up maps, so anyone who wants to get ready for some combat royal entertainment can learn anything from this hub style. Training classes.

Destination Island: Tedo, one of Fortnight’s most popular mapmakers, is the brain behind this training island. Aim Island was recently updated to include all the latest weapons and gimmicks. Players have the option of training for the target practice they want and in the train-your-way open-world experience with the weapon they want. You can compete and train with your friends.

Season 8 Warmup: Based on Season 6 Preparatory Mechanics, this map has also been updated by Teadoh to include all the latest weapons for Season 8, Chapter 2, making it the perfect training course for everyone who wants to practice all weapons. From season 6 to season 9, there are so many weapons so you can spend time and get better.

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Friend Slayer – Primal Survival: This is one of our favorite training maps, which includes handy tutorials on escapes, warm-ups and aim training. All under some horror themed complex filled with zombies. Play with a maximum of 3 people against multiple zombies on the hunt, so be armed wisely and shoot as soon as you appear.

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Trickshot Death Run – The target got Pt. 3: Do you feel like pointing and inhaling while moving? Join the club! But hey, I vow that this targeted training course will help you. So you can choose any challenge you want and complete it up to the really difficult ones. With a variety of trick shots to practice and multiple parts in each challenge, this map is perfect for experienced players looking to become even better.

Skavok goal training: One of the most comprehensive training maps out there, this Fortnight Map will train you, train in what you want to practice, however, you want to do it. Want to practice on goals? Go for it. Bots? Sure or other people too? Do not bother with anything. Whether you want to try time trials, warm-ups, PVP or free play, it’s all up to you. This map will definitely help even the most nubious nouveau riche.

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Chicken Target Practice: When you both aim for chickens bouncing back and forth between bounce pads, no-frills are added to hit you against the player, a simple and point training course. A clear and well thought out way to improve your goal in fast time. Repeatedly playing this map will definitely improve your shooting and aiming abilities.

How to Get Into the Fortnight’s Aim Practice Course codes

If you do not know how to load Fortnight Creative Maps or Islands, this is easy:

  1. Open Fortnite
  2. Switch from the game selection screen to Fortnite Creative Mode.
  3. Walk up to one of the ‘Featured Forks’ in front of you and press the hotkey to ‘Set Island Code’.
  4. Enter the 12-digit code from the list above
  5. Train your heart!

That’s it this time too! Everything you need to know about Fortnite Aim Practice Course codes. Also, if you have some extra time to kill and would like some amazing gaming recommendations, check out our best gacha games 2022 or even a list of Roblox promo codes for amazing Roblox freebies!

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