Best FPS Games Releasing in 2022

2022 has begun off with some heavy hitting titles like Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West and Destiny 2: The Witch Queen competing for playtime. If those types of titles are your fancy, have no fear, as 2022 is a ton of goodies for first-person shooters to bring to the set. Here are the best FPS games releasing in 2022.


Best FPS Games Releasing in 2022

Isonzo art work

If you’re a fan of tactical shooters and a set of games then look no further than Farther, Isonzo will be the next game you’ll want to sink all your time into.

Isonzo is the third entry in the WW1 games series focusing on the Italian Front and the conflict that raged between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The two forces battled in the mountains which is what players can expect when they play a part. Battlefield 2042’s Breakthrough Mode is similar to an attacker versus defender game mode in a new offensive game mode, and there will be plenty of classes and load-outs to experiment with. .

Isonzo is targeting a Summer 2022 launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 5.

Project Warlock II

Best FPS Games Releasing in 2022

Project Warlock II logo

Project Warlock II looks to give players an ambitious setup as players take control of a Warlock who uses guns. The end. That’s pretty much what it’s going for.

Project Warlock II is heavily influenced by classics such as Quake and Doom 64 putting players in vertical arenas filled with demons, magic, and plenty of heavy metal music. Over the course of three episodes and three unique Warlocks, face your demons with swords, quad barreled harvesters, sniper rifles and discover the many hidden secrets of each level. As this is a sequel, the developers have spent as much time saving features as they can. Sounds crazy, but it’s the thought that counts.

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Project Warlock II is set to release in June 2022.


Best FPS Games Releasing in 2022

Redfall artwork

Arkane Studios is looking to build off the success of Dishonored and Deathloop with their newest title: Redfall.

Set in the island of Redfall, Massachusetts, host the town and hold everyone over vampires. It’s up to a small group of survivors to fight back, and that’s where you come in. Take control of one of the four characters, each with their own unique abilities, and the vampiric horde of Redfall of the Town of Cleanse.

The four-player co-op will be an option, and there will be an arcane style of games for players to explore. Knowing Arkane and the Expertise When They Have It Comes To The World-Building, Expecting There To Be More Than This Game And Its Story.

Redfall is set to launch in Summer 2022 on Xbox Series X | S, PC and the Xbox’s Game Pass of One Day One Will.


Best FPS Games Releasing in 2022

Boundary screenshot

If by any chance Isonzo doesn’t tickle your tactical shooter fancy, Boundary may be the game you were looking for all this time.

Boundary is the tactical shooter genre of the next evolution, as players will take control of the astronauts duking it out in space. Across four different game modes, six playable “operators” with unique abilities, and a mix of futuristic weapons and modern weapons, with a new meaning on space combat.

Developer Surgical Scalpels have been working on this title for quite some time so expect some new elements as we get closer to release. Be sure to practice your zero gravity movement; you’ll need it!

Boundary is set to release sometime this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Best FPS Games Releasing in 2022

Warhammer 40,000 Darktide artwork

Fans of Warhammer: Vermintide should feel right at home with one of the next entries in the 40K series: Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

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Similar to Vermintide, Darktide will pit four players in a co-op setting as they look at AI-controlled cultures of wave-like waves of admonition. It sounds simple, but the amount of enemies on your screen ramps up quickly and, if you’re careful, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed very quickly. Team comps will be as important as you can get to every edge you need.

Not much else has been shared from the development team at Fatshark, but after a COVID-related delay, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is set to release on Sept. 13, 2022 for Xbox Series X | S and PC.

Atomic Heart

Best FPS Games Releasing in 2022

Atomic Heart screenshot

Fans of the Bioshock series have been clamoring for a new entry since the series “ended” with the Bioshock Infinite Back in 2013. With the development of the series going silent, Mundfish has decided to take matters into their own hands with Atomic Heart.

The Game takes place in an alternate timeline of 1955 in The Soviet Union. The Soviet Union made huge technological advances creating robots that aided and abetted them during the Second World War, and as a mentally unstable KGB agent, you are sent to investigate a facility that has gone dark only. rogue. You’ll have to take the hero’s role and clear out the facility and find out what’s happened with the guns and unconventional weapon ripped from your robotic foes.

Atomic Heart is Back in 2018, and the game has a ton of progress with each new gameplay footage showing the insane amount of polish. If none of this gets you hyped then maybe Mick Gordon, the composer behind the newer DOOM games will be composing the soundtrack.

Atomic Heart is set to release sometime later this year with the developers teasing a release date that “BER” for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 5.

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Best FPS Games Releasing in 2022


The Developer Pet Project Team looks at their newest project with something interesting: RIPOUT.

RIPOUT will see a team of up to four players traveling through derelict ships exterminating a hostile mutant force. While it seems simple, these mutants are capable of “reconfiguring” by having smaller aliens attached to them to make them stronger. As you travel through your ships, you are equipped with a weapon known as the “Pet Gun” that can either feed your foes or blast them with deadly force.

RIPOUT looks like a mix of Killing Floor with horror elements from The Dead Space series, and that can be a great recipe for success. RIPOUT is set to launch sometime this year on Xbox Series X | S, PC and PlayStation 5.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022)

Best FPS Games Releasing in 2022

Call of Duty logo

It’s almost that time of year folks. The next entry in the long-standing FPS series will be The Great Fan Fatigue.

This year’s title is being developed by Infinity Ward and has been confirmed as the sequel to 2019’s most successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This year’s game looks like a couple of things that have been done differently with a new engine by Infinity Ward, players will receive a new Warzone experience with a sequel, and it’ll mark the end of the yearly release cycle as there will be no new CoD title released in 2023.

Not much besides the above information is now available, but given the information released back in February, Activision looks like they are trying to build up to a rather disappointing year with Call of Duty: Vanguard. Have no fear PlayStation players, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision will not be the impact CoD has released on PlayStation consoles this year.

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