5 Best MI Themes to Make Your Xiaomi Device Look Like iPhone

Hey Mi users, Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the best system UI of android devices. However, the overall look is changed by custom themes. If you like the Apple iPhone then here we share the 5 best MI themes. 

Note: If you’re using a Xiaomi device, please open this article on your smartphone to directly be open to the official Theme Store from the links. This will make your life much easier.

Best MI Themes For A iPhone Look

I’ve tried these themes on my POCO X2 running MIUI 12 and the version is All the themes worked perfectly without any bugs and problems. Most of the themes will also work with older MIUI smartphones.

1. iOS UI v12

iOS UI v12 is contestable the best MIUI theme on the official Xiaomi theme store. This theme comes with keeping fonts, wallpaper, and custom widgets. The icon pack of this theme is very similar to apple ios 14 new system UI. If you like to download this theme check the preview and install on your devices. Above all, there are many customization options including the ‘lock screen clock’ which is available on Apple iPhone and much more. if you want the best MI theme to have an iPhone experience on MIUI 11 or MIUI 12 then iOS UI is the perfect pick.


2. CS14 mod v12

CS14 mod v12 another light theme that completely changes the look of your MIUI device to an Apple iPhone device. In more ways than one, you would find that the theme is starkly similar to Apple iOS 14 and the software was iPhone style. This theme changes your home screen new widget to ios style, and you like the lock screen of this theme.


3. iOS 14.3.4 Stable v12

If you are found any custom theme which can change your device boot animation, phone dialer, SMS, WhatsApp theme, settings, and control center any many more so this theme is perfect for your Xiaomi Redmi and POCO devices. It comes with the premium iPhone 12 wallpaper, Material designed icons, a clean and separated quick settings page, and more. The theme also applies to the main Settings and UI making the whole user interface light and vibrant in classic iPhone. All in all, if you are looking for the best MI themes to make your Xiaomi device look like the perfect Apple iPhone theme will not disappoint you.


4. iOS BoSe V12

The most popular Redmi theme or mi themes is iOS Bose v12. The theme is very powerful full with so many modifications. By applying this theme you can change your device’s A – Z all parts. This theme also changes the system of all fonts, if you have using any Xiaomi phone past 1-2 years then definitely you have tried this theme at least one time. To put it straight, if you want the Apple iPhone experience in complete mode then do check out this theme.



SPHERE [OS] is another MI Themes that is based on iOS 13. The theme has one of the cleanest looks out there, and really does a great job of replicating the overall look of ipone. The quick settings icons have a shadow of their own apple iphone, and actually look like a mix between Apple iPhone and MIUI. Nonetheless, it gives you access to customizable shortcuts which is always a plus in my book.


Download That iPhone ios 14 Look on Your MIUI Device

Theming is one of the simplest parts of customization in Android, and MIUI gives you the choice to combine and match the capable parts of a special set of themes to get the experience you want from the device. You can use Xiaomi’s native theme customizer to pick a mixture of icon packs, lock style, dial pad, status bar, and more to exchange the native MIUI look. While there are many themes available on the Mi Theme Store, the above ones should assist you in getting an Apple IOS to look on your colorful MIUI theme. Try these themes and let us know about your favorite theme in the comments below.

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