Best Oculus Quest 2 (Meta Quest 2) Games 2022

Wondering What the best Oculus Quest or Meta Quest 2 games are right now? The Meta’s VR headset is available every month and every month, and while there are some great experiences out there like Superhot, The Climb and Population: One, there’s also a bunch that is worth your time or money . Here, we’ll be running you through our top picks, including a chill puzzle experience from the right, head-bopping to the right, the neon-flashing glory of Beat Saber and everything in between.

Beat Saber

2022 Best Meta Quest 2 Games

meta quest 2 on beat saber

I’m pretty sure it’s written somewhere that you can write a list of the best games to mention without a VR headset. That’s a good reason, though, as the game is simply one of the best experiences in VR but gaming in general. This should be easy on your first purchase The Oculus Quest.

It’s an easy concept to jump into. Swing two lightsabers around to beat the music which can quickly amp up the hardships.

This is an excellent timeout for every level of plus-time effort, plus it can be a really good workout.

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