Best Zeri Counters in League Of Legends

Zeri is the League of Legend’s newest ADC. The fast-moving ADC is great at kiting and zipping in and out of danger with her highly mobile kit. If you’re having trouble combating this unorthodox ADC, in this guide we’ll show you the best counters for beating Zeri.

Countering Zeri In League of Legends

Zeri’s biggest strengths are her mobility and range. Her dash allows her to very quickly and consistently disengage from a fight, and builds up stacks for her powerful slow. She also has the ability to travel over walls, making her a slippery ADC to hold down. However, her biggest weakness is the fact that her Q, the main source of damage in her kit, can’t pass through targets.

This means that any champion who can safely stay behind their frontline has an advantage against Zeri. While her ultimate resembles the removed item Static Shiv and causes her Q attacks to bounce between targets, staying behind minions or champions will still prevent Zeri from doing full damage to you.

Because Zeri relies so much on mobility, slows and CC are also incredibly powerful tools for suppressing Zeri. A well timed stun can stop a fed Zeri from getting a pentakill and grant your team a ton of shutdown gold. Focus your cc on Zeri after she goes in to trade and you’ll find her getting caught out more often than not.

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Best Champions for Countering Zeri

If you’re looking for champions who counter Zeri, you’ve found the right guide. Below we’ve listed the top 3 champions who counter Zeri, and given a brief explanation of what they do to make her game so hard.


Skin Splash Classic Veigar Image

Zeri is a champion who relies on a fixed dash to make the most of her kit. Veigar punishes Zeri with his cage, keeping the highly mobile champion confined to a small location. The distance between Veigar’s stun walls is too short for Zeri to make use of her dash, and what’s more it interrupts the animation if she collides with the walls, stunning her in place.

With Zeri locked down, your team can focus her no problem. She has to decide between sacrificing her mobility to avoid Veigar’s walls, or taking a long and punishing stun. What’s more, a well-fed Veigar can easily two-shot a Zeri with his q or w and ult.

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League Of Legends Vayne Image

Just like Veigar, Vayne punishes Zeri with a long stun that interacts well with Zeri’s dash. Zeri likes to dash around, meaning she’s often putting herself near walls and setting Vayne up for a Condemn without knowing it. What’s more, Zeri’s wall-traveling mechanic always puts Zeri at a fixed location at the other end of a wall, and all Vayne has to do is respond with her E to get a free stun.

In addition, Vayne has the distinct advantage of being able to shoot over units, which Zeri does not. She also gets increased movement speed when moving towards enemy champions, and also has a short dash. All of this makes her a good counter to Zeri’s mobility, allowing Vayne to keep up or outright punish Zeri for using her kit.


Xi Zhang Color 3 Image

Twitch has a distinct advantage over Zeri upon hitting level 6 in lane. The range from his ult outshines Zeri’s chain attacks and undermines her ability to run away, allowing Twitch to safely target her from behind his minion wave and keep up as she tries to outrun his attack range. If she gets too far, simply hit her with your slowing w, giving you enough time to kill her with your Contaminate.

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Not only does Twitch have the range advantage and a punishing slow, but his stealth also gives him a big advantage over many ADCs including Zeri. His ability to duck into camouflage with his Q and then pop up on an unsuspecting Zeri gives him huge killing power in lane. A Zeri who can’t see you coming will have a lot of trouble keeping you at max poke range.

That’s everything you need to know about countering Zeri in League of Legends! Check out our other League of Legends Guides to help you with your ranked climb this season.

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