Bewear Trainer, Stufful Community Day Coming to Pokemon GO April 23


Earlier today, it was announced on the official Pokemon GO website That Stufful will be making its debut in the game as the featured creature at the upcoming April Community Day event. This marks the first time that a Pokemon species from the Alola region will be featured during Community Day.

Aside from being the first species to be featured in Alola during Community Day, there will also be a few changes that will be tested during the event. One of the first changes you may already have noticed. Back in 2020, these events were extended to six hours long instead of the standard three. This will be the first Community Day since then that will bring back the original time window of 2 PM to 5 PM.

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This is mainly thanks to the two points of data the Pokemon GO team received during the last two years. First, they found that only five percent of players would be in Community Day for more than three hours. On top of that, the feedback they received from the January Community Day Classic event was so positive. Players expressed that the three-hour-long events encouraged more people to get out at the same time.

But one constant in Community Day that is not going anywhere is the event-exclusive move that Stufful’s evolved form, Bewear, will learn up to two hours after the event ends. Drain Punch will be making its Pokemon GO debut. This is definitely one of the most exciting community day events in recent memory for the PvP community since there is little to no information on Bewear and its new attack.

Community Day events are also big for shiny hunters since the spawn rate of these rare alternate color Pokemon increases during the event. The standard Stufful looks like a pink teddy bear with some white stripes on its head and body. The shiny version just swaps out of the pink with a shade of yellow that is close to gold on the color spectrum.

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Shinies are great and all, but you can’t have a Community Day event without a huge list of bonuses:

  • 3x Catch XP
  • 2x Catch Candy
  • 2x chance of getting Stufful XL Candy from catching
  • Incense will last 3 hours
  • Lure Modules will last three hours
  • Stufful will be photobombing pictures
  • An extra special trade can be made up to two hours after the event ends
  • Trades made up of two hours after the event will cost 50% Stardust
  • If enough Pokémon are caught by trainers from a single Lure, the 3 bonus XP bonus for catching Pokémon near the Lured PokéStop will increase by 4 × XP for 30 minutes. This will not stack with the x3 Catch XP bonus.
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Finally, we have reached the Shop section of Stufful Community Day. Like in past events, there will be a paid ($ 1 USD) ticket that you can purchase at a special research story based around the featured Pokemon, Stufful. On top of that there will be two new boxes available in the store. One will cost 850 PokeCoins and include 15 Ultra Balls, 15 Pinap Berries, one Elite Fast TM, and one Remote Raid Pass. The other will be a free box with 30 Ultra Balls inside of it. There will also be special stickers available in the shop.

You can check out the official post about Stufful Community Day right hereGeneral Chat Chat Lounge If you would rather get out and play Pokemon GO this weekend, then you can always take part in the Lush Jungle event to try to get your hands on the debuting Fomantis, Lurantis, and Tapu Lele.

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