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BioShock Infinite Mean What? Everything You Need to Know

Despite having released Back in 2013, BioShock Infinite has been back in the news for the past week or so. The third installment of the series changed the setting of the underwater city of Rapture to the city of Columbia. But What do all these BioShock Infinite updates actually meanWhat? Here’s what we know so far.

The latest BioShock Infinite Updates about Everything You Need to Know

There have been 13 updates in March 2022 alone, but the series of updates to BioShock Infinite began in September last year. TheGamer. About seven updates a month in early 2021, before ending in 10 updates a month this year, before hitting its new record of 13 this month.

From a quick glance at BioShock Infinite’s SteamDB updates history page, it’s not clear what these updates are. These updates after the game, from our own experience, changed anything in-game. Or at least, it changed anything immediately noticeable.

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So just what are all these updates doing?

Steam Deck Compatibility

One of the most popular theories at the moment is that 2K Games is making BioShock Infinite compatible with Steam Deck and Valve’s new handheld PC system.

Given the game is officially compatible with the launch of the system, and as we know Valve is pushing to add more and more titles to that growing compatibility list, this seems like a strong one. Especially so, given the significant increase in the number of updates from Steam Deck earlier this month.

A BioShock Infinite Remaster?

Some players on Reddit BioShock Infinite is about to get a remaster, given that we know a new BioShock is currently in development at 2K Studio, Cloud Chamber.

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The BioShock trilogy did get a PS4 and Xbox One remaster in 2016, bumping up the resolution in games to 1080p for BioShock: The Collection. Given that we are now in the 4K era of consoles, though, and hopefully with the next entry in the series, it is possible that 2K Games will look to usher in a new generation of fans. A 4K remastered collection of help with its release.

Unfortunately, this seems unlikely, given that both BioShock and BioShock 2 Steam on Received Nowhere near the same number of updates as Infinite in recent months. There have been a few, but these are all seemingly minor.

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2K Launcher Compatibility

The most boring, and unfortunately the most probable cause of all these updates, is the 2K games that are rumored to be gearing up with the compatibility of its library titles.

Fans on Reddit BioShock Infinite Updates Have Something To Do With Integrating The 2K Launcher Into The Game, So It’s Most Recent These are the latest updates.

At the time of writing, 2K Games has commented on the updates, so for now, the exact reason behind them is a bit of a mystery. We’d hedge our bets on the 2K Launcher, though the whole trilogy of a proper remake for we secretly hope.

What do you think the BioShock Infinite updates mean? Let us know the comments below.

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