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Bitlife Jacksepticeye Challenge – How to Complete the Jacksepticeye Challenge


The weekend begins with another Bitlife Challenge, “jacksepticeye,” offering you four different objectives to complete and claim your treasure chest holding a rare item. Fans of Bitlife start their weekend with a new Bitlife Challenge every week and lasts for four days. Players with the completed challenge may offer four different treasure boxes, and selecting one to claim their rewards is mandatory.

Furthermore, Jacksepticeye Challenge revolves around an Irish YouTuber named Sean William McLoughlin, known as Jacksepticeye. With the help of this challenge, players from worldwide will learn about the YouTuber and do hard work to recreate the success in the text-based Life Simulation game Bitlife. If you are confused and don’t know how it works, read our Bitlife Guide to learn how to complete Jacksepticeye Challenge.

To complete any challenge in Bitlife, you have to accomplish a few objects; it could be 1 or 3 to 5, depending on the challenge. Here’s the requirement that the player must meet at any cost:

  • Be Born a Male in Ireland
  • Post Only Gaming Videos on YouTube
  • Have at Least One YouTube Video Go Viral
  • Get 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Be Born a Male in Ireland

Completing the first objective isn’t a big deal as you can make it done by merely starting a new life, selecting your gender as male, and choosing your location as Ireland. If you were already playing with a male character and were born in Ireland, you don’t need to start a new life. It would also be great if you were famous on social media platforms like YouTube, as it helps you complete the challenge within no time.

Post Only Gaming Videos on YouTube

After getting born in Ireland, your objective is to age up and create social media. Start posting engaging content to raise your followers and fans. Keep in mind your content should be only focused on Video Games as you can publish posts on game reviews, gameplay, guides, and more. To create an account on YouTube, you have to click on the “Assets” tab and tap the “Social Media” button to get the following options:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

Assets -> Social Media -> YouTube

Select YouTube and create an account by merely sharing the Bitlife with one of your friends.

Have At Least One YouTube Video Go Viral

Creating game-related content and publishing it on your YouTube channel is mandatory. Besides, going viral depends on your luck. So, we suggest you keep publishing videos regularly until one video goes viral. If you already have fame beforehand, completing the third objective isn’t a big deal.

Get 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Once one of your videos goes viral, it’s mandatory to keep posting videos to improve view count as soon as possible. Posting engaging content related to video games will help you achieve the milestone of 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube sooner or later.

That’s almost everything you should know before jumping to complete the Jacksepticeye Challenge in Bitlife.

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