BLAST Premier Prohibits attending events from Russian-based teams

The XSR crl reported that the Russian-based teams will not be invited to play in the foreseeable future of its events.

The WePlay CIS Masters Spring 2022, BLAST Premier for Regional Qualifier, originally planned for March 25th, 27th.

Image credit: BLAST Premier.

According to the BLAST Premier, the decision was not made without saying that Russia continued to invade Ukraine.

According to an article posted by Luis Mira, Esports Editor at Dexterto, the statement was clear that the impact was only on Russian and Russian organizations. For that reason, Ukraineesports organisation Natus Vincere will be allowed to compete with a Russian-majority lineup.

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A spokesperson for the BLAST Premier stated on Twitter that gaming and esports unify people of all races, countries, beliefs and attitudes. We hope this time of year is accurate.

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Many sports organizations express their support for the country by changing their logos and changing Ukrainian flags.

Moreover, the company that owns the Ukrainian esports WePlay Holding stated that it has terminated all partnership agreements with companies from Russia and Belarus.

The military conflict, which is an escalation of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war in 2014, canceled multiple sports events, as well as Riot Games, XIX XIX and its World League of Legends, Tencents PUBG Mobile Pro League, XIX, Tencents, and Aax Legends III, which led to multiple sports events.

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Today marks the 6th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Numerous European countries expressed their support for Ukraine’s membership in the European Union during the Russian offensive.

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