Blizzard confirms the next expansion of WW will be on April 19th

The next World of Warcraft expansion is in development and fans have finally gotten to a date to release the Expansions. The World of Warcraft account post today, The World of Warcraft tweeted that it was about to reveal WoWs next expansion on April 19.

The expansion, slated to be adapted from the current Shadowlands expansion, will be released by WoW and the 10th edition of The Game in General (2004). Shadowlands finally comes out last month, but another minor patch will tackle the actual expansion that comes with the in-game system problems.

In the near future WoW expansion, there are no major features, but Blizzard intends to play crossplay between Alliance and Horde characters The Shadowlands ends, according to a developer update earlier this year.

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Many of the games’ history has become a feature of WoW at BlizzCon. But after the rerun of this year’s event, the developer shifted his plans. The next expansion of WoWs marks just the second time that an expansion has been made outside of BlizzCon (Legion at Gamescom 2015).

In addition to the announcement of the next expansion on April 19, Blizzard announced today that a mobile game will take place in Warcraft’s universe sometime in May. That’s the next expansion for the release date at WoWs.

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