Blue Depths Locations of Genshin Impact Orb & How To Use Them

There are plenty of secret passageways to be found all over Teyvat, and the 2.6 update has added yet another questline inside a hidden room inside the new Chasm area of ​​Liyue. If you’re unsure of where to find these key items, we can help. Here are All the Orb of Blue Depths locations and how to use them in Genshin Impact.

Chasm in the Blue Depths Locations of All Orb

Orb # 1

These are a specific order that you need to get, but there are nine in total, and we’ll order them some how close they are to each other. We’ve actually already covered how to get to the Miner’s Key from the first orb.

Ruin Serpent’s arena near the Miner’s Key, then head to this location and find an item to open a gate:

Genshin Impact Miner's Key Gate Location Map (1)
Blue Depths Miner's Key Gate of Genshin Impact Orb (1)

The gate behind you for an enemy named Skeld will be waiting. Shadowy Husk enemies named by each orb held by your party’s level and gear, depending on how tough it is. The Blue Depths of the First Orb to Get to Defeat Skeld.

Orb # 2

The second orb is located right below The Teleport Waypoint, next to The Serpent’s Cave. It’s the deep chasm that sits between the Ruin Serpent boss and the Teleport Waypoint. Here’s the map on the spot:

Blue Depths Ruin Serpent Map of Genshin Impact Orb (1)
Blue Depths Ruin Serpent of Genshin Impact Orb (1)

Defeat Haltaf to obtain the item, but be careful. The pit is the full Oozing Concretions that buff any enemy standing in the purple ooze. You can upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant Gadget by collecting Lumenspar and Lumenstone Ore.

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Orb # 3

The Blue Depths of the Third Orb is found in the Underground Waterway section of the Chasm. It’s a tricky spot to get to, even though it’s the middle of the map. There’s a specific route you need to take.

Start from the Southern Main Mining Area Teleport Waypoint, then take the path to the south until it turns west. Here’s where you need to be and the arrows to point you in the right direction:

Blue Depths Waterway Island Map Of Genshin Impact Orb (1)
Blue Depths Waterway Island of Genshin Impact Orb (1)

This time, Edgetho is the Shadowy Husk holding an orb. Take Down The Duo is the key item to earn. They’re both standing in the middle of a small island in the middle of the waterway.

Orb # 4

The fourth orb is the Stony Halls area of ​​the south. To reach it, go directly to the Stony Hally Teleport Waypoint. The Shadowy Husk is a cracked wall behind a hidden wall that you need in this location:

Depth of Genshin Impact Orb Seelie Cracked Wall Map (1)
Depth of Genshin Impact Orb Seelie Cracked Wall (1)

Drop down, to the left of the Teleport Waypoint in this area and the cracked wall to the right next to a Seelie pedestal. If you follow the Seelie neighborhood, it’ll lead you straight. Beat Bulywif this time along with other enemies to get to the small room of the Blue Depths of this Orb.

Orb # 5

The Fifth Orb is the Underground Waterway and the Nameless Ruins. It can be reached at the Underground Waterway south of the Teleport Waypoint, then the Floating Southwest. Look for a large hole in the wall right here:

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Depths Root Map Of Genshin Impact Orb (1)
Depths Root of Genshin Impact Orb (1)

Hyglacg will be a giant root near you for waiting. Win this fight to claim the fifth orb and continue the quest.

Orb # 6

The Sixth Orb of the Blue Depths is the Nameless Ruins, just to the left of where all the purple fog once was in the center of the cavern. Look for an enemy position on the higher ground:

Blue Depths Nameless Ruins Map of Genshin Impact Orb (1)
Blue Depths Nameless Ruins of Genshin Impact Orb (1)

This Shadowy Husk, Serkir, is another Oozing Concretion standing next to you, so try to lure it out until the fight for the real you want to fight it.

Orb # 7

The Seventh Orb is a huge hole in the bottom where the Glossing Narrows and a second base camp get that set up in The Chasm. It’s a short walk from the camp’s Teleport Waypoint right here:

Blue Depths Camp Hole Map of Genshin Impact Orb (1)
Blue Depths Camp Hole of Genshin Impact Orb (1)

Roneth is the foe that needs to be defeated this time around. He’s sitting alone at the bottom of the hole next to a shallow pool of water. Win the one-on-one fight and get the item.

Orb # 8

The Blue Depths of the Eighth Orb is the area of ​​the Teleport Waypoint to the Glowing Narrows. Behind it is a breakable wall, so look for explosive Geo mushrooms and destroy them at this hidden spot:

Blue Depths Glowing Narrows Map of Genshin Impact Orb (1)
Blue Depths Glowing Narrows of Genshin Impact Orb (1)

Herger will be waiting for you in a battle near the water. This one is also a short walk from the nearest Teleport Waypoint, so no need to travel too far.

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Orb # 9

The Blue Depths of the Ninth and Final Orb are just Glowing Narrows of the West. The Teleport Waypoint is the straight path to the left, so it’s hard to miss. head to this location to find it:

Blue Depths West Glowing Narrows Map Of Genshin Impact Orb (1)
Blue Depths West Glowing Narrows of Genshin Impact Orb (1)

Rethel is the last orb-granting Shadowy Husk in this questline and will be blocking your path to another shallow pool of water.

How to Use the Blue Depths of Orbs

Before you can get to where the orbs are used, you’ll need to progress to Chapter 2: Act IV Archon Quest by Zhiqiong in The Chasm until you meet Dainsleif. Once you meet Dainsleif again, follow him in the Echoing Depths questline until you unlock a new upside-down Teleport Waypoint in the Nameless Ruins area.

Follow the quest markers until you reach the top of the map, the Nameless Ruins of the Ground Floor above:

Blue Depths Door Map of Genshin Impact Orb (1)

When you get to the spot, look for a cube-shaped switch that looks like the one circled below. Interact with all nine orbs and open up a secret room and finally claim some hard-earned treasure.

Blue Depths Door of Genshin Impact Orb (1)

That’s all you need to know about Where to Find Generic Impacts and How to Use The Blue Depths of Orbs. Be sure to check out our guide for more tips, tricks, and other quest walkthroughs as you explore Teyvat.

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