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Mobile gaming has been a huge leap in success as technology advances and developers are realizing there is a high demand for games. Super Evil Mega Corp (The Way of the Completely Doubtful) is looking to raise the bar with their next entry in the mobile gaming market: Catalyst Black. This guide will tell you everything you need to know How to pre-register Catalyst Black.

Catalyst Black Pre-Registration

To pre-register Catalyst Black, head over to The Game’s Official website parsing and click on the yellow “Pre-Register Now!” bar.

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It will then ask for your email, your operating device for mobile and, after agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can click “Submit”. Once submitted, you will receive a notification by email on the game’s official launch date, May 25, 2022 and the Community Discord to join the option.

What Is Catalyst Black

Catalyst Black is a free-to-play team battleground shooter with a similar style to MOBAs such as SMITE. Players will join teams of 5v5 and up to 12v12 competing in some of the biggest battlegrounds in mobile gaming. As you fight, you’ll unlock new weapons and gear that can amplify your powers and help you tackle some other multiplayer modes such as a Slayer (Team Deathmatch) or Hydra a PvEvP mix-up.

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A key gameplay mechanic in the multiplayer experience known as The Primal: Massive Beings Who Have Unique Powers That Turn The Tide Of Battle. Six Primals will be available at launch, and you can choose which Primal you want to use!

Official Release Date

As mentioned, Catalyst Black is the official release date for May 25, 2022.

Super Mega Evil Corp does signups for a community goal; The more players sign up for the better the rewards come launch day. They’re also doing a raffle (for the US only) with tons of physical rewards for lucky players who are preregistered such as Apple Air Pods, cash and even a couple of iPhone 13s.

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Catalyst Black comes out, we will keep you updated. For now, wait for the release as we wait so close to the inch. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more news and information on the game.

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